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I was completely blown away by your talk on Saturday, you are such a fountain of knowledge.
 I was so impressed with how well you spoke. You talked about such interesting mystical topics in such a grounded and logical way that a child could understand. I really admire that.
I know people got a lot out of it and are inspired to help with this energetic work! So it's great to keep the momentum and arrange another meet up!

Tanya Harris www.tanyaharris.co.uk Ennistymon free talk on the Earth Energies of the Burren November 28, 2016

I adapt my creative services according to the times. Currently I am not offering tours so find people enjoy talking with me on Zoom so I can advise them where to go themselves, and fill them in on places that they tell me they would resonate with. Feedback from this has been excellent so I will continue to offer self-drive tour consultations.

I started in 1999 when I created my own tours, which appealed to those who prefer to base their beliefs on their inner experiences. As the years progressed I gradually added creative services that combined well with the nature of the knowledge contained in my tours.  This could be a talk or workshop where you come away feeling you learnt far more than you anticipated, or one of my meditations or poems that speaks to your core “tree” essence. My intent is always to bring you to a place of greater harmony and peace and even to raise your consciousness in this ever-evolving world we live in and share with nature.

To do this, we look to Nature  herself, who is our greatest ally on any journey. I find nature subtly heals and refreshes us as we journey. She is an intrinsic part of my creative services.

There is in fact a real, yet invisible, two-way relationship between nature and ourselves. Like with an intimate friend, we can easily forget how important Nature is to us. For nature is alive and sentient on not just the physical level, and she thrives on our love and awe…



In addition to direct 1:1 sessions in sound healing and Biofield Tuning, I often use my sound instruments (gong and drum and tuning forks) a little on the “slow tours” to benefit people. Through being exposed to sound people become more readily attuned to nature. Have you noticed that whenever you immerse yourself in nature, the greatest words and ideas flow in your imagination? In short, whenever we reconnect to nature we feel more connected to everything. All my work is imbued with that connection to nature. Whatever I share with you my intent is to facilitate you absorb the subtle peace Nature offers, allowing you to feel more creative and more alive.


Would you like to learn the art of dowsing? You are welcome to try dowsing on your tour. I am an experienced dowser (diviner) and would love to share with you how to use  dowsing rods or a dowsing pendulum.  This is a wonderful way to become more fully present in nature, entering a more timeless zone.

Ask about my next dowsing workshop or talk!                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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Hello Jackie,
Thank you for the wonderful day filled with adventure, exploring and learning. I learned so much even before we left your home.  I found it quite interesting how the pendulum reacted to the various fields of energy.  Next trip I'll have to remember to bring my pendulum. I'm looking forward to connecting with you on my next trip to Ireland.  So many amazing sights to see and experience in Ireland.   Blessings to you and many thanks for making our trip to Ireland so very special.
Hugs and Love,   Deborah

Deborah USA February 16, 2016


  • If you are looking for some simple exercises to help you connect with the elements more, then I  invite you to learn a series of Gaia Touch exercises. I incorporate these into my workshops. They are based on the work of my friend the Slovenian artist Marko Pogacnik (Unesco artist for Peace), whose life research has been into aspects of the Living earth. These simple yet profound exercises strengthen your ability and awareness so you connect to many dimensions of nature.  The  exercises enable you to feel more connected to the sacred Earth, within which the heavens truly make their home. I often incorporate Gaia Touch into my Celtic Tree workshops


I currently am offering Celtic Tree workshops/short walks based on my current book Reconnecting with Celtic Trees. We connect deeply with earth energies and the Celtic Trees, following in the path of the early Celtic saints (known as the Culdees, on which I wrote an e-book). Contact me if interested in joining a workshop.

  • If you have any questions or would like a talk in your area for your local group, do ask!



  • I offer talks to groups on the calendar of the Celtic Trees as a journey of the soul, Rosslyn Chapel as a temple of initiation, the nature of sound healing, the Burren in Ireland as a spiritual landscape, dowsing, ley lines, sacred sites of UK, Ireland and western Europe,  and  Metatronic synergy light work.
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    On behalf of The Irish Society of Diviners I would like to convey our gratitude to you for your very interesting talk on Saturday.  All the feedback was good and members enjoyed talking to you afterwards.

    Moya Henderson ISD Secretary Dublin 2013 March 7, 2016


So, come away to places that mainstream tours don’t reach! I am a very experienced guide with in-depth knowledge of hidden places that nurture the soul. Also, whether you are with me in the Burren by the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland, in Rosslyn Chapel and other Templar sites in Scotland, or many other sites in the UK and Ireland, I can share my knowledge of the higher spiritual meanings contained within sacred geometry, Celtic folklore and more.

On these day tours  and personalised retreats around the Burren  enjoy the pure sounds of the gong and drum to bring you into stillness, and learn to dowse earth energies and ley lines. These and mindfulness exercises help us all become more fully present.

  • If you are looking for a longer tour there are many sacred places in Ireland and Scotland I can arrange for you to visit – either on a self-drive or with my accompanying you.

In summary, my local services include local slow tours /mindful tourism, and biofield tuning. In private personalized tours to sacred sites throughout Ireland or Scotland, and workshops, I include information on Celtic Trees, dowsing, sound therapy and Gaia Touch (a form of Earth yoga). In addition I offer public talks, and  recorded meditations. To date my books have focused on the Celtic Trees, sacred landscape interpretation, the meaning of sacred geometry, earth energy grids, ley lines and sacred places in Ireland and Scotland.