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The Celtic Trees Workshop

The Celtic Trees workshop offers fun, meaningful ways to help people reconnect with the Earth. Why connect with trees? It is because I sense that trees can play a highly significant role at at this juncture in time for Mother Earth.  Trees act as easily accessible doorways into elemental consciousness that mankind has large ignored. By reconnecting with the trees we can effectively help repair the psychic damage we have subject our planet to.

celtic trees workshop

Celtic Alphabet

The Celtic Trees are a group of trees indigenous to Ireland and Scotland that formed an ancient Celtic alphabet known as the OGHAM. I studied an ancient manuscript that formed part of the Book of Ballymote, meditated with trees in nature and also by myself. In the long process I have come to understand that a deep cosmology accompanies the alphabet. that is apparently overlooked by others. The Celtic alphabet contains a metaphysical system of codes that support the journey for the soul. Once the native trees were understood and embodied by the elders. It is possible to revisit the trees and see them as a whole. They work together to show us our way forward to further spiritual awakening.

Holistic Approach to Celtic Trees Workshop

I regard the Celtic Trees as a holistic system that covers the eight directions, the primeval sounds, the lunar moods, the solar archetypes and more. The key to seeing the broader picture is to see the trees as an interacting whole, rather than compartmentalising their qualities, as often happens.

I created this Celtic Trees Workshop to include the knowledge gained through years of study and experience. The workshop is both informational and inspirational. It stimulates your mind, body and soul. At each workshop I intuitively draw on a wealth of experiential material such as

celtic trees workshop

“Brian Boru” oak in East Clare

The trees invite our creative responses, and our hearts open to a magical underworld to which the trees stand guardian.

  • Every tree workshop differs according to site, participants, time of the year and length of actual workshop.

By reconnecting with the trees you become more grounded, more fully human, and more aware of your own soul journey in life. The trees benefit from the renewing of our human connection, for they are massively sentient in essence.

Support Products

You can supplement you workshop experience with Ogham tree essences and my books so you can continue to work with your chosen tree archetypes beyond the duration of the workshop.

Thank you for the gift and your presence here in Nova Scotia.  Fall colors are upon us and the scent of falling leaves is magnificent, pungent, sensually delightful.

Until we meet again.

Thank you for all you did here, and also for bringing your energy to Nova Scotia.
I really enjoyed spending time with you. Thank you for all you gave me and the group on your Celtic Trees workshop.