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Self-drive sacred sites UK Ireland

self-drive sacred sites UK Ireland

The ancient yew at Fortingall in Scotland is said to be Europe’s oldest living tree.

Are you are planning to visit several sites in the UK or Ireland? Have you considered self-drive sacred sites UK Ireland? Let Earthwise make it easier and more fun for you. I have spent most of my life visiting energetic, sacred sites in Scotland, England and Ireland.  I’ve helped many arrange their own holiday itinerary when they want to focus their visit on seeing sites relevant to their needs. Each client is individual so I will consider each of your needs. It is beneficial to skype me initially, after which I intuit and create your journey according to your interests and needs. If skyping is not possible then a few emails are necessary.

Self-drive Sacred sites UK, or Ireland:

(Itineraries including suggested accommodations) €25 an hour for planning-limit agreed upon at start. Contact Jackie with your enquiry.

Background notes

Would you also like bespoke notes to accompany your tour? All tours will take into consideration any significant ley lines of earth energies encountered en route. Sometimes I can recommend other guides for sections of your journey to take you to specific sites. These guides act like guardians for the sites on a soul level.

Notes can include information on “Metatronic” earth grids that are affecting Earth’s transition. Such knowledge cannot be found in books.

Prices start from €25 for simple note collation following optional free skype consultation of 30 minutes.

Please enquire with your interests.

Hi Jackie--just wanted to let you know that I received the notes and will look over them tonight. I read a little bit already and it moved me so much almost to tears. Thanks so much. Love, Linda


Your tour places Scotland and information was amazing. I would like more information on the seminars you have.ª   If it is more of what I learned from you in just hours, I would still like to save money to come too. Thanks for making this a visit of a lifetime.

ª(see Gaia Experience or future webinars upon request)


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