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Sound healing

Have you heard of sound healing? More and more people sense that sound healing is the most profound healing medium for our current consciousness. Sound healing is a powerful form of non-invasive healing. Sound cuts through all blockages in your energy body, leaving you renewed and detoxified.

Private sound healing sessions with healing sounds and /or tuning forks

In my 1:1 treatments I gently help you recognise your own blockages. Your recognition and acceptance of the past helps the trapped energy move out of your energy body. I practice sound healing using tuning forks or instruments to remove these blockages in your aura, so that you feel lighter and freer. We work with what I am finding in order to acknowledge it and let it go. Clients have been amazed at the results of this sound therapy.  Every occasion has exceeded the client’s expectations.

Group Sessions

I offer group sessions in sound healing also, working with the colours, chakras and specific sounds.  At the end people can form a free-flow orchestra of sound, which is great fun!

group sound healing sessopm with Jackie Queally

Setting up for a group session in sound healing

My sessions in sound healing and balancing normally take place inside. Prices start at €45 and we take our time and do not rush things. Normally a series of three weekly sessions is recommended as a minimum.

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You've changed my life- I don't think you realised how much. I love the sound of the gong and could listen to you play the drum for hours. My whole life has changed because I have new confidence - it is hard to explain but inside I feel new.

You are so incredibly intuitive and dead on with everything you say about my life. I slept solidly for twelve hours even though I did not feel tired when I came to see you. I had so much energy after that. You are really good at this. Thank you so much Jackie!

South Galway

Healing sounds in Nature for self-healing

When I use the instruments outside on my eco wellness tours in beautiful nature, I have observed their deep healing and balancing properties.  I facilitate clients to balance and heal themselves through toning the pure sounds that emanate from tuning forks. Having taught reflexology for many years when younger, and also given many deep tissue physical massages (Raynor Massage technique), I would say that sound healing is a far quicker way to redress imbalances in your psyche and energy field.


I first undertook training in sonic acupuncture with the founder of vibrational healing, Fabien Maman. This necessitates using forks directly on the body, but I was experiencing deeper healing on myself when the forks were administered off the body, in the auric field. For some years I also was witnessing profound shifts in perception with clients I took to an experienced sound healer during my Scottish tours. She too used forks in the aura around those she was treating.

I therefore learnt the art of using forks off the body, combining it successfully with the use of my gong and drum in healing sessions with clients. The gong has the capacity to transform and purge old patterns, and the drum counteracts this with a nurturing tone that allows people to feel safe during the process. I also use other specialised sounds to facilitate deep healing.

The forks I now use focus on detecting and then clearing past traumas in the auric field of a client and bring the flow of energy back into balance. I also use them to dissipate pain in the body. Some other specific things can be done with the forks too, so when combining them with various instruments the client is left relaxed, balanced, energized and even transformed.

A most important point to make is that sound heals far faster than other alternative healing modalities. Sound healing is harmless and pleasant to experience.

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