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Dowsing ley lines

  • What is dowsing?dowsing on Earthwise course
  • How does dowsing work?
  • How to use a dowsing pendulum
  • How to use dowsing rods
  • How do you go about dowsing ley lines?
  • What else can dowsing be used for?
  • More specifically how can dowsing be applied to the Earth?
  • What are ley lines and how can we dowse their width, direction, alignments, purpose?
  • Can I create a ley line?
  • What is a water line?
  • These questions and many more are covered during this day long workshop- normally 101m- 5.30pm with shared lunch and tea breaks. In addition there is a field trip to practise the art of dowsing.

This workshop has been shared over the years with small groups of individuals who have gone onto use it in their personal lives with great success. Each time the matter of dowsing is introduced in a unique way according to the perceived needs and awareness of those attending. Likewise the material covered varies according to the level of the participants.

Some protocol notes and follow up suggestions for a half day tour to practise more is offered. Much emphasis is on greasing our intuitive powers through exercises that we combine with dowsing. These are great fun too!

(Jackie has been dowsing since the mid 80s when she won the dowsing prize at the Prometheus School of Healing. She has used her dowsing powers with other dowsers to clear houses, and tune into ancient ceremonial sites. She has also dowsed Metatronic light codes on early Templar monuments and in Rosslyn Chapel and sacred landscapes and her work has correlated with sacred geometers and geomancers. Dowsing adds another level to understanding a site, and benefits the dowser by propelling them into invisible territories that hold greater energy than the purely physical levels of life.

dowsing with Earthwise

Dowsing a spiral inside a stone circle

Please bring pendulum (if you have one) and dowsing rods – bent wire coat hangers will suffice. Some pendulums can be lent on the day.

Cost €30  including organic lunch in some instances

Dates – as advertised

Enquire here.

Reserve your place with €50 deposit here

Thank you  for a lovely day on Sunday. I enjoyed the day and found it very interesting.
I haven't had time to get to the ring fort yet to look for still points and ley lines but hopefully this week end I will


Thanks for a really lovely day. Neighbour was very impressed when I showed her map and explained remote dowsing!

Gort Co Galway

Thanks for a really lovely day. Neighbour was very impressed when I showed her map and explained remote dowsing!

acupuncturist Co Galway