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gift book of the Burren by Jackie Queally of Earthwise

Essence of the Burren: earth energies of the Burren Landscape



This full colour small gift book provides an overview of the living landscape of the Burren, together with its legends and magical places. It is presented according to the Five Elements that human beings also contain within their own energetic bodies.


Product Description

ISBN 978-0-9930512-0-3

This full colour guide is an attractive overview to the earth energies of the Burren landscape. The Five Element theme introduced at greater depth in the Spirit of the Burren is chosen again to illustrate how the land is a sentient being, and like humans, is dynamic and sensitive. By engaging with the land according to the five elements you can learn in simple terms about the earth energies of the Burren landscape.

Burren Landscape:

There are many pictures to illustrate the succinct content so the book acts as quick guide to anyone who wishes to engage with the Burren as a living landscape. Within days of its release people were reporting on how beautiful they were finding it.

Packed with insightful information put simply for the novice reader on earth energies or sacred landscapes, this most attractive booklet is price at a very generous rate.

This book will appeal to both tourists and those who want to understand the Burren in Ireland on its more subtle levels.

Some of the testimonials:

I learnt much from this book and feel you are seriously under-selling it. I would have paid up to €15 for this! It's a lovely thought-provoking guide that has a lot of deep thinking behind it.

Gort Co Galway

The book looks beautiful. Thanks for the copy. Best of luck with it!

County Clare


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