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Rosslyn and the Templars

Rosslyn and the Templars
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Betsy & I truly enjoyed the day we spent sloshing around in our Wellies. As you know, the sights we saw and talked about have been of interest to me for a long time. I think I have some Templars in my family tree, so it was quite meaningful to walk around in what may have even been their former milieu. The Chapel itself is more real to me now for having seen it in full sweep rather than in snapshots in texts, and your presentation focused on details within the broader context. Your selection of sites and activities was just what we wanted to see and do

Diane Meagher Tenessee February 18, 2015

This four day tour of Rosslyn Chapel and elsewhere in Scotland is of a philosophical nature. You will benefit from the extensive research Jackie undertook for three of her books on the subject. The tour can be taken on a purely physical level for those who want to see the old sites associated with the Knights Templar in Scotland. It may also be taken to gain understanding into the locating of preceptories, the links the Templars had particularly with Rosslyn Chapel (looking at sites associated with the Rosslyn Templars), and the links with the Cistercian early monasteries.  Earlier Christian movements such as the Culdees seemed to influence their thinking too.

old parish church for Rosslyn Templars

gateway to old Templar church remains at Old Pentland Cemetery


Outside of Rosslyn Chapel in Midlothian there are Templar sites all over Scotland. We can go in two directions for the remainder of the journey:

A- East

Dull in Perthshire-an ancient and enigmatic site explained.

Arbroath Abbey where the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1320, shortly after the Templars officially disbanded. The vows of the Knights Templars transformed into the values of the early Masons.

B- West

Those Templars who sailed to Ireland and other islands left their mark in Argyllshire, where many beautiful tombs and other carvings remain. Passing by Loch Awe where the yew forest produced good arrows for the Templars in the time of Robert the Bruce, we visit a hidden gem of a church where they were buried near the shore. Kilwinning in Ayrshire is a shrine for those with Masonic connections on our homeward journey.


4 days £1000 + car hire, accommodation. Price quoted for car groups / individual. Deposit £300.

Larger groups by arrangement. Contact Earthwise with your dates.