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Sacred Ireland tours longer version

Sacred Ireland tours longer version
Earthwise tour of Ben Bulben area Ireland

In the shadow of Ben Bulben a rowan tree leans, listening to the glistening waters

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Thanks again for everything! We enjoyed the trip and certainly had some great laughs. Our favorite place there was the farmers land and the fairy circle in the Burren.  Hard to pick because it was all great in Ireland.

Keith California February 18, 2015

I created the Sacred Ireland tour after decades of visiting Ireland’s sites. Backed by my research as a writer and my personal network of knowledgeable friends I invite you to share my insights. The tour includes the sites you would see on the shortened version of our sacred Ireland tours, such as the megalithic cairns of Sligo.  They also can include Lough Crew Cairns and wonderful sites in the Boyne Valley.

We can start in Dublin to admire the Book of Kells and the art forms of many other manuscripts, and the antiquities in its museum before ending the tour. In the Boyne Valley, we pay more attention than other tours would to the unspoilt and under-excavated site of Dowth. It is more accessible yet in some ways more mysterious. Since archaeologists have not excavated it much, it lies in a far more natural state than Newgrange. Our accommodation is a delightful period house beside the site. You will appreciate the context of the landscape more by continuing your journey on foot to Newgrange from Dowth. This is a magical journey along the Boyne. It culminates on the Hill of Tara, where the ancient high Kings were inaugurated, and where the myths of Ireland’s races still ring on.

Journeying westward your Sacred Ireland tour takes in Lough Gur, one of Ireland’s most sacred sites.  The hill and lake is full of myths and legends. A massive stone circle stands nearby that is somewhat unusual in its construction. We continue by visiting the hermitages of early monks in the Burren. Early Christian sites are often very special to visit, as the early Christians were very connected to the divinity found in nature. Nearby lie hidden poetic haunts of South Galway where Yeats used to live.  Later we can pay our respects at his grave in Yeats Country , poignantly situated below Ben Bulben in his ancestral Sligo. There are countless mythical sites in the Sligo area. We have the optional of visiting the northwest region where St Columba hailed from in Donegal: Glencolumbkille.  .

Sacred Ireland Tour: please note

The tours are completely flexible depending where you start from. Above all I allow ample time to visit fairy sites and sacred sites.  Many perceive these as goddess sites, which means that the divine feminine presence of nature can be easily detected. I will explain the qualities and alignments of the sites. Each of you will have natural propensities to sense some things more than others, and I honour your own journey of perception above all. Early Christian sites are often very special to visit, as the early Christians were very connected to the divinity found in nature.

Irish music should of course be sampled at some point en route. For it is through music that the land is captured in its essence. This tour is for those who want total immersion in the other-worldliness of Ireland’s natural landscapes.

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It was a fascinating time with you and with fairies, elves, harps, stone circles, cairns, tombs, mountains, and lots of experiences  Oh my!

Roger Colorado February 18, 2015

Number of days elastic, according to your needs. Private cars or larger groups: Contact Earthwise for a quote.

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