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Tour Ancient Irish Past

Tour Ancient Irish Past

tour the ancient Irish pastSites from the ancient Irish past

Tour the ancient Irish past in an an atmospheric area back of Coole Park. This was the home of Lady  Gregory who collected many Irish folk tales and worked tirelessly to revive the Celtic heritage in Ireland. She co-founded the infamous Irish theatre the Abbey in Dublin. Here a number of prehistoric monuments from the ancient Irish past are scattered are scattered. Once this land was more like the Burren Uplands and it is older rock by 50 million years. We can walk across limestone pavement past beautiful rare flowers to a hidden dolmen grave and ceremonial site. Try dowsing ley lines at the dolmen. There is a cist grave nearby too.

Try your hand at dowsing the burial site, and try some interesting sound experiments at the stones. After walking back across the dry bed of the turlough (disappearing lake) we continue to tour the ancient Irish past by entering a hidden and beautiful “fairy fort” . This was a ring homestead, complete with enclosed well, storage chambers, and an underground passage.


If you wish to make this a full day tour you can walk through the beautiful nature reserve at Garrylands and have lunch in the adjoining Coole Park, by crossing the system of turloughs that are dry when the rains lessen.
Jackie will drive around to meet you at the café in order to escort you back to your car.




Full day (7 hours) £210  for car groups up to 4 /  £170  individual.  Half day (3.5 hours) €110 1- 2 people €130 3 people €140 4 people in car(s). Non refundable deposit £50

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3 guide books are or sale on the Burren, written by your guide Jackie Queally

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