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Mindful Tour

Mindful Tour

This year I introduce a specially designed a unique MINDFUL tour for the corporate market. It consists of a choice of two select local routes in which people can reconnect with nature and themselves. Set in an area of outstanding natural beauty, renowned for its Irish fairy tales and mythology, these wellness tours offer many benefits for business.

  • Enhanced communications between individuals or departments
  • Clearer decision-making
  • Better connecting and engaging with work projects
  • Increased ability to cope with pressure
  • More productivity and longer retention of staff
  • Increased awareness of environment and heritage, and sense of identity

I offer various means by which people can start to engage with nature, using a wider range of senses than they often deploy.

  1. Learn the ancient and intuitive art of dowsing (otherwise known as divining)
  2. Listen to natural sounds of gongs and drum to bring you into the present moment. If you wish, try toning pure sounds with use of tuning forks.
  3. Enjoy being creative by writing your own poetry inspired by the landscape Yeats so admired.
  4. Engage in mindful meditations.

    These activities often bring people into a deeper more expansive state, awaken their imagination and strengthen their intuitive faculties.

Your day starts on the edge of the world famous Burren, an international geopark. Begin your journey in Gort from the Lady Gregory Hotel when you mount your electric bicyle. Led by expert biking guide Janet Cavanagh of E-Whizz Tours, you stop at carefully selected hidden destinations where I will present a range of experiences that will open you up to the serenity and deep peace of the surrounds.

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We can access the wilder woods when turloughs are in summertime

Using the backdrop of Ireland’s tallest round tower at one end, and WB Yeat’s old tower home and writing haunt at the other end, you will visit places that regenerate you when you visit them. Explore rare natural phenomena such as a river running through collapsed cave systems. Visit an ancient church set in deep woodland, mysterious rock circles, a fascinating monastic ruin, a hidden dolmen (ancient burial grave), a fairy fort, holy wells and more. Cycle through a beautiful nature reserve and enjoy lunch in the stable block of an ancient mansion.

Culture notes and high quality maps provided on each route.

In the afternoon you can hold your business meeting or training in a fine room at the Lady Gregory Hotel. Alternatively extend your activity into a full day and benefit from a session with a qualified mindfulness trainer.

Gort has two good varied restaurants for dinner, or you may dine at the Lady Gregory Hotel as part of your package. With an overnight stay you may enjoy two half days of activities.


To discuss prices and fine details  contact Jackie

Earthwise dowsing Ireland

Sight the pink orbs swarming to the right as I dowse energy field of dowser trainee!