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Norway’s Secret Pentagram

Norway’s Secret Pentagram

historical tour of Norway with Harald Boehlke guest speaker with EarthwiseNorway Historical tour

This historical tour of Norway is very unique and enlightening. It looks at sacred geometry, landscape alignments and the work of early Irish monks in Norway who were clearly not aligned with the Roman Church. Rather they were in tune with the more ancient Celtic church who venerated the serpent as a symbol of power and knowledge of telluric (of the earth) energies.

This exciting journey covers some of the ground investigated by Norwegian historian Harald Boehlke. We visit stave churches, monasteries, sacred mountains, ancient cathedrals and holy wells in the Hamar and Trondheim area primarily. The Norwegian Pentagram is truly a cosmic story witnessed by Harald Boehlke a native Norwegian artist. He discovered a large pentagram with one elongated arm protruding beyond the circle when he started researching the journeys of early Irish monks into the Viking Lands. His research is remarkable because it points to the law of synchronicity in ways that would shake any sceptic to the core. Harald’s original book was written in Norwegian and later it was transformed into a fascinating, well-written account in English where it changed its name from The Norwegian Pentagram to The Viking Serpent, since the serpent also features widely in his research. Now awaiting a new publisher this tour is uniquely accompanied by the author himself.

It will cover some of the sites in his book as distances are vast. Jackie is a regular visitor to Norway herself. Read an interview with Harald the author here.

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January 26, 2015