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Personal Retreat Ireland

Personal Retreat Ireland

Jackie Queally offers personal retreats IrelandDo you feel like you need a break that will refresh you in body and mind and spirit? Perhaps you are at a transition in your life and you feel you need help in moving on? Do you feel you need time to be with yourself and you would like some human contact too? In that case, have you considered taking a personal retreat Ireland?

The Burren provides the perfect backdrop for your personal or group retreat in Ireland, and is within easy access of Shannon Airport. There are many magical places in the Burren to explore and renew your batteries in. Moreover, my background in therapies and leading clients on personalised tours equips me to offer an exciting Personal Retreat Ireland that seeks to creates healing and harmony in your life.

orbs in nature

Whenever this secret, peaceful glen is photographed bright pink orbs emanate from the cave there!

I can devise personal retreats for individuals or groups from one to several days. I will support you to become more fully present; to rediscover who you are.

If available, you will stay in delightful local accommodation with a sauna, and can enjoy organic meals with the host in the evenings. Naturally, the earlier the booking, the more chance we can book special accommodation for you.

ACTIVITIESpurple orchid in the Burren

Select activities for your personalised retreat from the following:

  • sound healing sessions- with myself
  • Biofield Tuning sessions with myself
  • reflexology – with myself
  • deep relaxing massage – with a local therapist who is good!
  • walking – in the Burren National park and nearby in other parks and farm walks. Visit early Christian hermitages and sites of outstanding natural beauty and peace.
  • guided meditations – these can include specific Celtic Tree meditations chosen according to season and your personality, and mindfulness meditations.
  • sound in nature – relax to the sounds of the gongs, or drum, in caves, by rivers etc. Explore the power of toning in nature with the aid of tuning forks
  • Nature yoga- specific exercises to help you attune to nature more
  • Celtic Tree essences-take away some bottles for use over the next three months to cement the New You that has emerged during your retreat
  • writing sessions inspired by nature

Prices depend on what activities are chosen. Also, if you wish to do something more active like kayaking or yoga, I will do my best to book these for you, dependant upon availability.

The base price starts at €210 per day. Therapies are an additional cost starting at €50 an hour. Accommodation starts at €40 a day.

I am a qualified, insured therapist and tour guide. You need your own car so you can also be free to come and go during the evenings.

Accommodation is available by Ireland’s tallest tower, which is very close to where I live.

It was such a awesome experience with you.?

I'm so glad you found the St. John's wort at the well, and the unusual orchids the flowers and bees were amazing.

I love this photo. (Jackie was guide for small private group retreat)retreat the Burren

Toronto Ontario

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