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Saint Colman’s Trail – A dowsing Experience

Saint Colman’s Trail – A dowsing Experience

Who was Saint Colman?

In the seventh century Saint Colman travelled as a young monk from his hermitage in a cave below Eagle’s Rock, walking with his crozier across the Burren, to found a monastery at Kilmacduagh. dowsing at Saint Colman's monasteryHis life is full of fascinating legends. St Colman travelled over the vast limestone pavement, past wells that became holy wells thereafter. You can visit some of these dedicatory wells, and dowse (or divine) the water lines below the ground.

Dowse ley lines

St Colman founded Kilmacduagh in the seventh century site. Over time it developed into an important ecclesiastical centre in the west of Ireland. The monastic site has many ley lines running through it. In Jackie’s book Spirit of the Burren she devotes a chapter the subject of ley lines. Ley lines are invisible energy lines. It is great fun to learn to dowse ley lines with dowsing rods I can supply you with.

The round tower at Kilmacduagh is the tallest round tower on the mainland of Ireland. It leans five degrees!

Fairy Woods

dowsing at St Colman's WellCome and forget time as you try dowsing the extensive site of Kilmacduagh. In addition, you can enjoy listening to the healing sounds of the gong and drum in fairy, mossy, magical  hazel woods where the spirit of St Colman lives on, and listen to guided meditations on the trees.

Half day tours can be either to Kilmacduagh or to St Colman’s Hermitage.

Full day tours would include both sites with lunch at the Burren Sanctuary or in Kinvarra if you wish to shop too.


Full day (7 hours) £210  for car groups up to 4 /  £170  individual.  Half day (3.5 hours) €110 1- 2 people €130 3 people €140 4 people in car(s). Non refundable deposit £50

GUIDE BOOKS on sale that are written by Jackie.


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January 25, 2017

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