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Metatronic ley lines Southwest England Grail Lands

Metatronic ley lines Southwest England Grail Lands
metatronic ley lines traverse the White Horse near Avebury

Earthwise at the White Horse near Avebury

This journey traces “Metatronic” (of the highest frequency) ley lines across southwest England. Since these leys create a divine matrix of energy I appropriate the name “Grail Lands” to the region. Your tour will be adapted to embrace sites that are current to a dynamic Reshel pattern of leys recognized by Bill Buehler. It would include crop circles as and when they appear in the summer, and always includes Wells, Avebury and Glastonbury that connect with one another. This is explained in Jackie’s detailed accounts in Arks within Grail Lands about the way a matrix of leys activate the divine essence of the land. Whilst many tours take you round the sites and crop circle locations, few can provide an overview of how the various sites work together. The emphasis is on what is helping to ground the newest patterns of higher consciousness for the Earth. Since 2006 when a small international group travelled to each site in turn and took part in synergy light work with Jackie, clients have visited the sites with Jackie to make their own spiritual journeys to the sites of southwest England, at times visiting the emerging crop circles too. Each visitor brings with them their own consciousness that Jackie tunes into in order to discern which sites are pertinent for any particular journey made. There is a lot of subtle calibration that goes on during such journeys so accommodation has to be sensitively chosen too.

The sites carry very high vibrations overseen by Archangel Metatron, and whilst the information is not necessary to know, it is there in the background for those who are open to sensing it. Each of us responds in our own way and always in relation to our own intention. The purer the intention the more powerful the response will be to the true nature of the land. On this tour, the land has a tendency to bless us in fun-loving ways.

4 days £1000 + car hire, accommodation. Price quoted for car groups / individual. Deposit £300.

Larger groups by arrangement. Contact Earthwise with your dates.

Please bear in mind that crop circles appear only during the crop-growing season and that the distribution of the circles in the UK is widening considerably as new patterns emerge. Therefore it is best to trust that we will be in the right place at the right time to view one.