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Celtic Gaia Lands: Touring Ireland and Scotland

Celtic Gaia Lands: Touring Ireland and Scotland
touring Ireland and Scotland with Earthwise Jackie Queally

Jackie Queally guiding at Rosslyn Chapel

XX Thank you so much for a very memorable trip.  We learned a lot from you and I am peaked to learn more about the Culdees.


Our journey embraces the best of touring Ireland and Scotland in terms of nature and sacred sites that inspire you towards peace and contemplation.  It covers many early Christian sites, some prehistoric natural monuments and sites which reflect a strong elemental quality. Both countries complement each other well. The following is a rough approximation of what can be done:

DATES FOR 2016 OPEN as ever for private tours:

Journey through Ireland and Scotland

Day 1 Ancient Edinburgh to visit sites of legendary saints and the Knights Templar. Using sound in an underground chapel we can connect with the element of water and the female energy that serves to boost sites in Holyrood Park. This is a truly unique day.

touring Ireland and Scotland with Earthwise Jackie Queally

Roslin Glen with Earthwise / Celtic Trails

Day 2 Roslin Glen and Rosslyn Chapel and Rosslyn Castle. This day is about reconnecting to, and feeling, the deep source of life. Formed from soft sandstone, Roslin Glen is the female counterpart to the basalt volcanic rocks of Arthur’s Seat in Holyrood Park. Both are situated on the Rose Line. Roslin Glen is a veritable landscape temple. Her strong elemental “codes” constantly feed into the man-made temple of Rosslyn Chapel and thus serve her main purpose. Once inside the chapel, the basic journey of initiation is explained as per Jackie’s well known guides to Rosslyn Chapel. An evening stroll down to Rosslyn Castle caps this magical day.

touring Ireland and Scotland with Earthwise Jackie Queally

the Fortingall yew

Day 3 Templar Lands of Midlothian.  This day is a day of assimilation and context.There is much to explore in the hinterland of Rosslyn Chapel. Some of the sites are mentioned in Jackie’s booklet. A number of intensely spiritual earth grids testify to the important role carried by Rosslyn, and there are equally other lesser known sites that have vital roles in keeping this area sacred on an energetic level. William Wallace, the Knights Templar and ley lines feature on this day and meditation is highly recommended along the route at any of the key spots. We move north to Perthshire stopping at Cairnpapple an ancient henge close to Torphicen where St Ninian, the patron of early Scottish Chrisitanity, resided.  The energies are strong at this sanctuary in the Bathgate Hills.

Day 4 This day is about deepening our experiences in the Roslin area. We visit Fortingall which is on the Grail line from Rosslyn. The most ancient tree in Europe is a yew tree here that was the centre of Druidic practices in Celtic times. Other sites on the leys in region include an ancient stone circle, a hill fort or Irish homestead, old Celtic bells and fonts and crosses, and a split rock of massive proportions.

We spend the whole day exploring the beautiful nature of Glen Lyon, where early monks from the Columba school on Iona would pass through regularly.

touring Ireland and Scotland with Earthwise Jackie Queally

St Colman’s Cave in the Burren with Earthwise

Day 5  This day is about a divinely feminine landscape that attracted the early Celtic monks to settle there.We return to Edinburgh Airport to fly to Ireland where we then visit the Burren, an area of outstanding natural beauty and home to many Irish hermits. We journey through the Burren in Counties Clare and Galway learning about the high frequency energies of the region as explained in Jackie’s books. At the end of the journey we visit a hermitage in the cliffs near Kinvara in County Galway where we stay.

Day 6 This day is about being in nature. We explore some amazing water features in the landscape such as underground river caves and hidden churches, in the area where WB Yeats loved to live and write prolifically. The gong is a good instrument to sound in these hidden places. We also visit Ireland’s tallest round tower and dowse the complex at Kilmacduagh Monastery. We stay one more night in Kinvara a picturesque village on the Wild Atlantic Way where you can choose from several local restaurants and music sessions.

Day 7  This day is about visiting the source of many legends and leys. Passing close to Croagh Patrick we explore the legendary landscape of County Sligo to hear of the myths of creation, and visit Europe’s most ancient cairns at Carrowmor. These are also on strong ley lines across Ireland- and Sligo Bay where Yeats is buried beneath Ben Bulben is on one of the most significant leys in the world. All will be revealed!

Day 8 and 9 We journey onto the home of St Columba in County Donegal and explore the environs of GlenColumbille. En route we visit a court chamber burial site and learn about St Molaise who lived on Inismurray off the coast here, close to where Lord Mountbatten lived at Mullaghmor.

Day 9 return home with drop offs at both Knock Airport and Shannon Airport, or Sligo Town for train to Dublin Airport.

“Everyone who took the tour with you of Rosslyn Chapel came back to Dublin with a sense of awe of the interwoven legends, histories and secrets that have been so intricately realised in sculpture. You have a great capacity to inspire and inform both those who are new to the subject and those with some background knowledge. Thanks so much for your time, effort and expertise, all of which were greatly appreciated”.


9 days £2250 + car hire, accommodation. Price quoted for car groups / individual. Deposit £300.

Larger groups by arrangement. Contact Earthwise with your dates.