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Yeats Country South Galway

Yeats Country South Galway
tour of Yeats Country with Earthwise Jackie Quealy

Coole Lough: the turlough that inspired Yeats to write The Wild Swans

Wander round what is known affectionately as Yeats Country. Breathe in the air and drink in the scenery that fed Yeat’s fertile imagination! This is in South Galway where WB Yeats was at his most creative, for he felt happiest living there.

Follow an enchanting route round the Burren Lowlands that inspired Yeats to write some of his finest poems. We can read the poems he wrote as we stop at the various sites. 2015 is the centenary year of William Butler Yeats. He was the literary giant of Ireland, and he chose to live for many years with his wife George in Ballylee Castle near Gort. He romantically changed its name to Thor Ballylee . There he composed much poetry, and on this tour some of his poems can be heard in situ where he composed them. This experience brings home the words Yeats Country to you.

He was a frequent visitor to Coole Park nearby where the widowed Lady Augusta Gregory lived. She hosted many famous literati and artists of her day, and launched Ireland’s first national theatre the Abbey Theatre. Collectively these Anglo-Irish friends embraced and reinvigorated Irish culture. Even to this day the area attracts a lot of artists and writers. We can travel between these two domains, and venture to a few other relevant sites that are off the beaten track.

In the grounds of the old estate of Coole we can view the famous Autograph Tree, the bark upon which many of Ireland’s cultural figures signed their initials. Coole Park borders a large turlough (disappearing lake) that is the hallmark of the area geologically. We also view hidden underground caves, graves and natural phenomena what inspired Yeats in his writing.

Jackie has made some films of the area set to her own poetry which she can recite at hidden spots in the landscape. Why not pause and allow the muse to descend?


€100 for car group/individual. Larger groups by arrangement. Contact Earthwise with your dates.


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January 23, 2015