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Sacred Sites Ireland

Earthwise talk on sacred sites Ireland

Remembering the greys and greens of Ireland’s groves

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Jackie, everyone really enjoyed your tour yesterday - so thank you so much.  All the group were delighted with where you took them. The locations were scenic and your information both interesting and entertaining. The visit to Yeats' home and your reading of some of his linked poetry were really first class.Thanks for a fabulous time in the fresh air and countryside! I highly recommend anyone seeking a unique insight into the Burren and its history to engage Jackie as their expert guide.
Once again, thank you for taking my party of Californians round the Burren Lowlands.
Vorscot Tours

May 23, 2017

There was a constant to-ing and fro-ing of sea traffic between Ireland and Scotland long ago. Jackie  likewise has been to and fro between both countries for many years. She senses how the sacred sites in Ireland are strongly endowed with elemental energy, lending an air of innocence and an almost dream-like quality.  Ireland captures the imagination and thus feeds into the mental world of the artist. It is this softness and cyclical consciousness that lends itself to the artistic forms found in music, film, writing, poetry

By contrast the quality of sacred sites in Scotland is more awakening. The sites can energize you on a physical as well as spiritual level.

earthwise tour of Lough Gur Limerick

Offerings left at Lough Gur Circle

The Watery Element

The element of water predominates in Ireland and there are fewer hard rocks; much of the countryside consists of limestone bedrock.Of course there are the exceptions particularly round the coastline. Places like Skellig Michael and the Giant’s Causeway spring to mind.

Areas of Ireland have localised systems well worth exploring, and in this talk the monuments and fairy places of Sligo, the Boyne Valley in Meath and the Burren are some of the places touched on for their treasures. There are other places that stand more isolated which are enigmatic and wonderful and these will be featured too in the visual presentation.


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