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Wellness Workshops to help you reconnect with the Earth

People receive untold benefits from spending time in nature. Read this article I received that succinctly describes these benefits. I love creating online wellness workshops and retreats aimed at assisting you ground yourselves and reconnect with nature. The activities and site visits are chosen carefully to subtly encourage you to become more present, and automatically connect you more with your innermost core and ipso factor, your own divine source.

Enabling you to Connect to your local environment

Whether you are learning simple gestures and exercises to connect with various aspects of the Earth, or learning to dowse ley lines for the first time, the workshops offer much you can reflect on and practise later on your own, wherever you live.

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Having some fun on a retreat

Based on my experience as a sound therapist I like to use sound to facilitate a deeper connection in the moment with nature. In addition, Dowsing the auras (energy fields) of trees always shows the positive effects of our work using sound.

Gaia Touch Yoga supports you in your efforts to evolve your own path through life, and assists the Earth’s transition. These gentle activities offer powerful benefits for your body and soul!

What Others Say

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Jackie Queally has written 8 books about Ireland, the divine feminine and sacred sites. She's in the Burren region and I had the distinct honour to spend time with her learning about this sacred ancient land.

Sue Kenny Toronto October 27, 2016

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Your gong playing sent me into a very deep relaxing sleep, cured my stiff neck and I believe I had some sort of 'awakening' as a result!  I felt very clear after the day's activities!

Denise Heeley Doorus Co Clare and Sudan September 22, 2015

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It was a thoroughly enjoyable day. You have the really strongest connection with the elemental beings I sense. When you are around they can come and do their work.

The gong playing felt right for the group. I think that was a great idea. It was good that you were flexible enough when our plans changed. Thanks for sharing your knowledge of Earth wisdom and dowsing.

Saskia Byrne Mountshannon, East Clare September 22, 2015

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Was a fabulous day of workshops, thank you
And an honour to become the new guardian of the healed ash tree
It will have a very special home , as the first tree within in a sacred tree circle of the 13 Celtic year trees I am planting

Lynn. Irish festival goer July 21, 2017

You may wish to write after meditating in nature with the aid of my nature poems and mindful meditations, or simply wish to make a virtual visit to the Burren so you can forget about everyday life and immerse yourself in nature. These virtual tours will be on offer shortly. So watch our for my newsletter announcing them!!

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Online Wellness Workshops to learn tools for reconnecting with nature.

In addition, the following wellness online workshops will run from time to time and will be advertised on the events page above.