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Ecotourism in Ireland

Are you interested in knowing more about ecotourism in Ireland? There is a growing awareness of the benefits to local communities in Ireland of engaging in activities that relate to ecotourism.ecotourism Ireland

I joined the Burren Ecotourism Network since I live on the edge of the Burren in the west of Ireland and adhere to the principles of ecotourism without actually spelling it out! I find this network both friendly and dynamic. As a lone operator it is good to reach out to others and support one another. Follow this link to read my environmental-policy-statement. We are committed to the promotion of responsible tourism that conserves the environment and improves the well being of local people. We offer authentic experiences and can’t wait to show you how wonderful the Burren is! The map below indicates the extent of land mass the Burren covers within Ireland:

Ecotourim Ireland the Burren

ecotourism Ireland good practiceRead my introduction to the fascinating, haunting Burren landscape: interpretative-information-on-the-geopark-that-covers-natural-heritage and more!

There is also excellent information here.  Check out the many ways of getting here too! How do you get around though? Have you considered using an electric car? If you own one or can rent one, click here for a map of the e-car charging points. Or, use public transport. The latter link leads you to free local tour bus services, local buses, and regional bus routes as well as cycle providers, coaches and e-car charge points.

One arm of the training as an ecotourism provider is to adhere to and educate people about the Leave No Trace policy. Leave No Trace is an outdoor ethics programme designed to promote and inspire responsible outdoor recreation through education, research and partnerships. Its principles are really common sense and simple:Ecotourism Ireland principlesinterpretative-information-on-the-geopark-that-covers-natural-heritage

The Burren offers a wonderful backdrop for applying these ecotourism principles. Together with the Cliffs of Moher that border its southern edge, the region has gained global geopark status. This was granted in 2011 by UNESCO.

  • Over 530 square kilometres of rich and diverse flora geopark_green_web
  •  a very high density of archaeological monuments
  • remarkable ecology and geology
  • an artist’s paradise….The limestone rocks of the Burren, twinned with the Atlantic light, offer artists endless opportunities for exploring their creativity.
  • rich natural resources … enjoy the sea life at the Cliffs of Moher that rise 200 metres above the sea
  •  the human factor … a rich culture and tradition in Irish music, storytelling and more recently food.Ecotourism Ireland Cliffs of Moher