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Tony Christie

Tony Christie has been creating labyrinths for the last decade. He lives in Cork and popped into visit me when he was fulfilling a curiosity he has in Irish round towers. I live close to the tallest round tower in Ireland he happened to be visiting, so he popped by for a very fruitful chat.

This interview is done in a series of short videos for a change. If you prefer a six minute longer interview go to the end of the page and click on final video.

First of all let me introduce you to this gentle wise man, whose accent is a delight to listen to!


This initial part of the interview explains briefly how Tony got involved in building labyrinths

The obvious dedication that Tony shows towards the healing arts has been extended in his creation of a deck of labyrinth cards, that I spontaneously and somewhat playfully select from while he speaks. Tony proceeds to give an effortless reading with no hesitation or sense of having been put on the spot!

Finally I say adieu to Tony!

I have another interview with Tony on my labyrinth page (yet to be published) that goes into a little more depth with regard to the history of labyrinths and their function and energy patterns. I also will leave a final longer interview (6.45 minutes) with Tony and wish him all the best in his creative endeavours, for he also has books he is aiming to write on various subjects close to his heart.

For further info contact him here