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My Books

I started writing books in 1999. It began slowly with small guides to the area, many of which are out of print now.  Rare topics covered included the Culdees (early Christian monks of both sexes), the language of trees in Druid times, the links between the Cistercians, the Templars and Sinclairs of Rosslyn, and myths and legends often ascribed to long forgotten wells in the area.
I then wrote two major guides to Rosslyn Chapel where I based my knowledge on the Reshel system that interprets ancient Hebrew lettering as co-creational “light codes”. As fantastical as it sounds, the layout of the carvings in the chapel and the layout of other manmade artefacts and natural landmarks in the hinterland all bore the imprint of this research (initiated by William Buehler my friend and colleague). The guides still sell to this day in the chapel though my books have been earmarked to their own shelf in the shop so you have to ask sometimes where that is!

When I moved to Ireland toward the end of 2008 I wrote a book dedicated to the beautiful glen that lies below the chapel. This was a poetry book that honoured nature in Roslin Glen, and I created it in the form of an album with footnotes at the end. The photography that accompanies my poems is my own too and has been much valued by those who use the book as a meditation tool.

After that book I tackled a very interesting book that looked at the links between the manifested world of human events and the dream world and the earth grids that many ancient churches and holy sites I visited were situated on. It also talks a lot about the Reshel knowledge so you can see how it works on various levels and interacts with our everyday consciousness. This book is one of my best sellers abroad.

After that I wrote three books on the Burren where I live in the west of Ireland. First I took the five element theory used in traditional Chinese medicine, and applied it to the landscape of the Burren. The Burren is a recognised international geopark, and there are many ley lines traversing it. I include many legends and hidden knowledge in this book, and it has delighted healers, artists and psychotherapists among its readers. The other two books are a colour book based on the same theme, and a much-needed guide to the Burren for motorists and cyclists to find hidden places among trails I created from various starting points round the periphery (where there are villages and towns).

In the future I intend to write a novel based on the earth grids and the evolution of love, and also a self-help book on reconnecting with nature. If I could take six months a year off and just do sound healing while I write, I could live in a warmer place and create these masterpieces!
Living in hope…and I know you will enjoy reading my books.