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Nicola Peel : solutionologist for the future

A Chance Meeting with Nicola Peel

I met Nicola Peel the self-styled solutionologist in a cafe one night in Galway. She had come to talk about her work on a small tour she was on in Ireland. Like everyone else I was struck by her sheer courage and ability to inspire others. Right on the spot I invited her to do an interview for this website. She kindly agreed.

Challenging Times

I resonate a lot with the idea that our world is an illusion, and that there is a higher dimension where beauty and peace permanently reside. However I also acknowledge we live in unprecedented times of challenge. To me, Nicola Peel is one of a growing body of younger people who embrace change positively. She looks for solutions, rather than using her energy to negatively criticize leaders and their lack of vision for the environment. She seems genuinely dedicated to responding in the moment to whoever invites her to their environmental project. Nicola has not undertaken a university degree. Gifted with high intelligence, she jumped into the stream of life with her very core being. That is amply able to make a difference to this world we live in. Do listen to the interview and we invite your comments below.

For further information on her projects and practical ideas click on the following image:
Nicola Peel