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Reconnecting with yourself in the Burren landscape

reconnecting with yourself in the Burren

This tour is all about reconnecting with yourself in the Burren. Without a solid connection to the earth, we tend toward drifting along with no anchor to guide us. In my experience whenever I choose to consciously connect to “Mother Earth” I find I move forward in my life with greater ease and clarity. These tours can be multi-days starting from your residence.

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Thank you Jackie! ... what splendid days and hours we shared ... communing with sacred places and the guardians of these lands and waters, trees and creatures ... flowers and winds
My soul is elevated and happy.
Now home I share with my community about my splendid guide who fully understood the spirit of my pilgrim vision of communing and ceremony.
In deepest gratitude to you.
Blessings and peace.

Mark Griffith, Taos, New Mexico May 8, 2022

testimonial for earth energy tour of the Burren

Earth Energy Tour

This was a unique tour - an earth energy tour!

      Dear Jackie, Thank you so much for the fantastic walk this morning!
I am still so excited with whole things. I was recommending your guided walk to everyone who I was speaking to today! Nobody knew about the walk and the amazing places!
I am very lucky. Yes, it was so rich and magical time.
'It touched my harp string in my heart💓'(Japanese expression)
Also, I felt like I was getting a recall from my distant memories...
It was very grounding and rejuvenating!!! ✨
Thanks again!

Yuka Sawa shiatsu practitioner Gort CO Galway August 3, 2018

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I tried receiving Biofield tuning followed by immersing myself in Nature.

I had a delightful morning with Jackie. We did a biofield tuning which was very energizing and calming. I felt a lot of subtle energies during the session and a strong sense of the energy in my whole aura being coherent with a slight buzz. It was really striking!

Then we went into Nature to explore making sounds with gongs. It deepened and expanded the experience in a very potent way. That night I was so full of energy I had a number of synchronicities and soul level insights that felt directly related to the time spent with Jackie earlier that day.

Sean Esbjörn-Hargens Ph.D. Company innovation coach October 29, 2018

Why choose me?

I live in a rare and beautiful corner of Ireland known as the Burren on the Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland. It offers the visitor glimpses into a natural world of charm and exquisite energies. I am offering a new genre of tour for anyone who is looking for an inner experience with the land. These tours draw on my own experiences teaching workshops, leading tours and writing books. In fact, for twenty years I have been leading local tours in Scotland and Ireland.

I find that often clients love to learn dowsing, also known as divining. (My own grandfather was a highly respected water diviner on the west coast of Clare beside the Burren.) I’d love to share with you how to dowse. You can for instance dowse trees for their auras (fields of tangible energy that surround sentient beings), or ley lines present in early church sites such as at Kilmacduagh, as well as prehistoric sites.

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Jean here..thanking you again for the dowsing..it was a great day and I benefitted a lot from it! I feel clearer in myself since the reading you gave me based on the pendulum so thank you!

Jean Galway February 16, 2016

reconnecting with yourself through dowsing at Kilmacduagh

Kilmacduagh Round Tower and old monastic grounds, South Galway

As a certified biofield tuner and sound healer I can use tuning forks to harmonize stuck energies both in people and on the land.

I teach dowsing and sometimes do house clearings and other applications using pendulums and rods.

I love to write and then share beautiful poems on nature, or so audiences tell me at local events.

Finally there is the world of meditation, that some of my books illustrate.

I warmly invite you on these small journeys to reconnect with yourself in the Burren using these tools. Immerse yourselves in nature and the landscape for a whole or half day.


We can begin each tour with a group or individual energy tuning in my home so you feel grounded and simultaneously expanded. Venturing close by in one or two vehicles, the tours take you to places of great natural beauty off the tourist track, where you can participate in any number of activities that help you connect deeper to the sacred Earth.  All this aims to place you in a relaxing expansive state of mind.

Choose from the following options when booking:

  • receive a group or individual biofield tune up to relax and expand you on many levels.
  • Explore enchanting woods by rushing waters and meditate to the sounds of the gongs and drums
  • Listen to some of my tree poetry which acts like tree medicine for your soul.
  • learn to dowse ley lines at Kilmacduagh Monastic site, close to Gort in South Galway
  • learn to dowse water lines at a local holy well
  • walk on limestone  pavement in a valley to enjoy the flowers, bees and butterflies and learn some special  “Gaia Touch” exercises that help you connect to the “elemental” side of life.

Create a memory to take with you

Once we reach our destination I encourage you to be creative, for the elemental beings support all creative human endeavours. Write your own poem, or draw your own picture, or compose your own song. If you decide not to go creative, you can simply be! Listening is a true creative skill too.

Finally I lead you in a guided meditation by water that culminates in our blessing the water through intent. This last meditation can be used over and over to bless your own water source wherever you are, or simply your own glass of water!

I am sure you will find this day spent often in non-verbal communication with the natural world both revealing and refreshing and, like many of my  tours in the past, unforgettable.

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Jackie Queally has written 8 books about Ireland, the divine feminine and sacred sites. She's in the Burren region and I had the distinct honour to spend time with her learning about this sacred ancient land.

Sue Kenny Toronto October 27, 2016

Notes on Harmonizing your Biofield

This is a vital process in these times of challenges and changes. Biofield Tuning is a wonderful therapy that works with your electrical field to restore balance and flow through your whole being. I have been practising it for the last few years. This summer many of my clients also requested a Biofield Tuning session with me, either indoors or outside in the forest. Both the client(s) and I have found it a deeply rewarding experience.

forks used for resetting your biofield

First I open the clients to their flow of energy from earth star to solar star points (mental constructs that open the process beautifully). Then I use bespoke tuning forks to comb and column their energies in a specific manner that eliminates your blockages.

Reconnecting you with Nature

With bodies and minds reset to neutral/ clear electro-magneitc frequencies we go into the beautiful nature that surrounds us here in the Burren. With aids such as the gong’s healing sounds and meditation, clients can really connect. They soak in the natural energies that Gaia offers. It is often hard to listen, and I find that Biofield Tuning is such a therapeutic aid in this instance.

Each session is deep and leaves you in the present moment, feeling as light as the fairies.


Why should you book this?

It is important to acknowledge the blessings that Nature bestows on us daily, and we are healed and energised more fully when we embrace that aspect of ourselves that is intrinsically linked to Nature. Marko Pogacnik calls this our elemental self. In the future I believe humanity will once again work in close symbiosis with Nature. Spending a day receiving Biofield Tuning and immersing yourself in various nature settings is a small but sure step towards returning to wholeness. As well as connecting you to source, it grounds you. This too is important.

Sessions take place in my home and GPS instructions are sent upon booking. Sessions together with nature visits last between 3 and 4 hours depending on driving time involved.

Do not eat a heavy meal before attending and drink plenty of water both before and after in order to allow detoxification.

€190 per person for half day of 3-4 hours. Couples and groups: please enquire for discount rates per person.

€370 per person for whole day of 7-8 hours. Couples and groups: please enquire for discount rates per person

30% deposit required to secure date and final payment due before start of date. All payment via PayPal info@earthwise.me or via bank transfer upon request.

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