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Sound healing in Natural Forest

playing gongs for the fairies and elementals

A few years ago I practised sound healing in nature. There are places near me that are quite magical, and so I went there with some interested women. I started playing my tuning forks to determine the tone we would sing to a particular tree in order to connect with it. Then when a third party took photos of us toning, a whole series of fairy/light energies appeared in the photography. It convinced my friend that there were invisible healing dimensions to life, as each time I struck the gong or toned, the lights grew stronger and shifted a beautiful and quite gigantic magenta and blue shape! The site lent itself to personal healing. The trees and waters are relatively unspoilt for many years there, and the waters are remarkable. I have in fact featured the photography in talks I gave in the UK on Multi-dimensional Energies.

interconnectivity with biofield tuning Jackie QueallySound healing at hidden sites

These woods and others nearby lend themselves to host sound healing in nature. The elementals are very strong in the region, a region that inspired W.B Yeats to write his best poems. He lived here for 12 summers in his more mature years. We can go to a few select sites including holy wells close to Gort in South Galway. These are less touristic sites in the Burren that afford more privacy.


testimonial for earth energy tour of the Burren

Earth Energy Tour

This was a unique tour - an earth energy tour!

      Dear Jackie, Thank you so much for the fantastic walk this morning!
I am still so excited with whole things. I was recommending your guided walk to everyone who I was speaking to today! Nobody knew about the walk and the amazing places!
I am very lucky. Yes, it was so rich and magical time.
'It touched my harp string in my heart💓'(Japanese expression)
Also, I felt like I was getting a recall from my distant memories...
It was very grounding and rejuvenating!!! ✨
Thanks again!

Yuka Sawa shiatsu practitioner Gort CO Galway August 3, 2018

Healing Sounds

In addition you can learn some special Gaia Touch exercises so you can activate your “nature self”. According to the day and people coming I will select the nature sites. You may thus hear tuning forks, or my special healing drum and healing gong, or listen to the simple strumming of a harp in “Hebridean mode” beside a healing well. Alternatively I can even can do a whole biofield tuning in nature to facilitate healing for you or an entire group. For more details on biofield tuning (which can be done seated too!) visit my sister site.Healing Sounds

Here is what the above client said of my sound healing tour:

default image

Hi Jackie had a wonderful day. Personally I didn’t know what to expect coz this was my first workshop/tour to go on, but I fully enjoyed it especially when I got the chance to play that drum coz it made me feel really good inside.
I’ve come away from it all with a great sense of peace n harmony within that I haven’t experienced before and it left me feeling energized and ready to enjoy n take more notice of the simple things in life that are more fulfilling in every sense.Thank you Jackie and yes I’ll be attending more of these in the future.NAMASTE

Joan Feeney August 29, 2017


€110 for 3 hours per person or couple

€240 – 2-4 people

€300 4 – 6 people

€400 6- 12 people


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