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Visit Trees of the ancient Ogham Alphabet

Essence of the current Celtic Tree Month

This tour introduces you to the ancient world of healing on a special Irish tour of the trees of the ancient Ogham alphabet. The Celts invented an alphabet the Ogham based on their native trees. These trees still can impart wisdom and healing vibrations as they did a few thousand years ago, although people mostly have forgotten how to tune in. On this tour you can tune into the trees and experience their magic.

Irish tour of trees from ancient Ogham Alphabet

Discover the essence and wisdom of the ancient Ogham trees on this magical tour in the Burren, on the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland. Learn about the trees of the so-called Ogham Tree calendar and how they came about. Explore the tree of the month in its natural habitat and see how it relates to your own life! Meditate with the affirmation of a Celtic Ogham tree, and find ways to connect with it using Gaia Touch exercises. For instance, the wild crabapple tree shares its month with the hazel, whose affirmation is:

I find the deepest treasures within when I surrender to the waters of the dreamtime.

The hazel grows in abundance in the Burren where waters run deep underground.

Woodland walk

Visit some wonderful native woodlands where we can make our Irish tour of trees from ancient Ogham Alphabet, enjoying the wild flowers and turloughs (disappearing lakes) depending on time of year).

Learn of the lunar and seasonal trees that rule the month you are visiting in with author Jackie Queally. She wrote Tree Murmurs and Reconnecting with Celtic Trees. with foreword by world expert John Matthews. Enjoy a guided meditation with these trees along with a detailed discussion on the significance of the particular tree(s).

Tree Essence gift

I offer each participant to partake in a tree essence. Learn how each monthly essence relates to your own life. If you wish you can order a whole bottle of your tree essence when you give Jackie your birth details, upon booking. She will then prepare an essence for you in advance. It includes your birth month and the generic current month. If you prefer a more personalised health essence, please state upon booking and a questionnaire will be sent to you.

(There is an additional fee of €20 for this service as it requires more time to determine your personal essence. The health essence includes your lunar and constitutional tree.)

€130 minimum – 1 to 2 people

€240 – 2-4 people

€300 4 – 6 people

€400 6- 12 people

30% deposit required to secure date and final payment due before start of date. All payment via PayPal info@earthwise.me or via bank transfer upon request.

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