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Spiritual tours

specialist tour of Stonehenge

private tour of Stonehenge on long Reshel tour of UK


Do you wish to enjoy spiritual tours of the UK and Ireland with a genuine difference? When you travel, do you want to experience at a personal and soulful level the fundamental deeper energies of ancient and natural sites? These spiritual tours that I offer often facilitate an awakening in clients so that they feel more connected both to themselves and to the Earth. No two spiritual tours are the same. When we travel, I choose local sites according to the person and the situation at hand. People often come with a certain search or interest in mind, so the spiritual tours are tailored according to your needs.

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I would like to thank you for the trip: all the places we touch were wonderful. The energy from those places made me understand a little more the message of our precious earth, and the knowledge that you shared with us was priceless.

My gratitude and love for you, and my best wishes for your way ahead always.

Buen camino siempre

September 20, 2019

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Jackie thank you again for all you have shared with us, it's been a beautiful journey, I will never forget it, especially what we have learned from each place, and what every one of them had taught us, what seed of knowledge had inspired us to move our consciousness forward, and appreciate so many gifts from each circle, each stone, and never forgetting the holy water that surrounds those beautiful places.

Rosario Guerra Garcia September 11, 2019


From 1999 I continuously ran unique specialist spiritual tours in Midlothian in Scotland. I shared my knowledge of deeply spiritual ley lines, the inner core of  Scottish Knights Templar, early Christian and prehistoric sites. (I was the original external guide to Rosslyn Chapel in the late 90s).

specialist tour in dowsing

dowsing at local dolmen on Earthwise tour


Moving to my ancestral Ireland I realised that many people need to de-stress, and that is often why Ireland appeals. So on Irish tours I can incorporate aspects of healing modalities I have practised over many years – such as sound healing, biofield tuningdowsing (or divining), and meditation. Ireland is a soft place, and so I switched from delivering what people called my “encyclopaedic knowledge” to a more heart-centred approach. I intend in doing so to embrace both sides of the brain, always remaining sensitive to meet your needs.

Be assured the information on these tours cannot be found on other tours. Often my clients would refuse to go on a tour normally as they are seeking a conversational tour that is expanding their consciousness. They would not feel comfortable on a coach or mini-bus.

Feel free to drop me a line with your wishes if you are thinking of visiting Scotland or Ireland in particular. I often include sites connected to the Templars, because they chose their sites with an understanding of the telluric forces. Often these sites are still very much alive today!

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Thank you Jackie! ... what splendid days and hours we shared ... communing with sacred places and the guardians of these lands and waters, trees and creatures ... flowers and winds
My soul is elevated and happy.
Now home I share with my community about my splendid guide who fully understood the spirit of my pilgrim vision of communing and ceremony.
In deepest gratitude to you.
Blessings and peace.

Mark Griffith, Taos, New Mexico May 8, 2022

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Dear Jackie,

Thank you so much for all your deep and shared wisdom!
It was indeed a very very intense itinerary with loads of information which hopefully will one day be downloaded into our beings.
Personally I enjoyed the trip and the company.

Laura Roel September 11, 2019


Your options are either

  • to hire me as your tour guide for a flat daily rate + expenses of accommodation and meals in your hire car. 2023 fees are €370 a day in Ireland or £330 in Scotland
  • Group rates- please enquire