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Reconnect with the Earth

Nature can stir our deeper emotions, leading us to a deeper awareness of who we are…

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Join Us on a Mindful Tour of Scotland or Ireland

My tours help reconnect you to nature, and to your essence.. helping you flourish and grow as a human being.

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Reconnecting with Earth Energy: Spiritual Tours, Books, Workshops, Meditations

Explore deeper dimensions that Nature offers us through our spiritual tours, books and workshops.

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Jackie Queally Welcomes you to EarthWise

Earthwise: Spiritual Tours, Books, Workshops

Are you looking for a spiritual tour guide with a genuine difference? I write books on many of the spiritual sites we visit, having studied their spiritual knowledge in depth, so it would be a pleasure to meet you to deliver talks and workshops  on ley lines, Rosslyn Chapel Scotland, the Knights Templar and far more. My mindfulness tours and workshops enable you to reconnect with nature and our shared Earth, and nurture a deeper sense of self.  I often arrange mindful yet stimulating day tours in the Burren in the west of Ireland, in addition to extended tours throughout Ireland and Scotland.  As a well-established and respected author, dowser and guide (original regular external guide to Rosslyn Chapel since 1999), I share my experience and knowledge of dowsing ley lines and earth grids, earth wisdom, sacred geometry, sound healing, folklore and the Celtic Tree calendar. My  books, workshops and talks lead you through a process of regeneration.

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I cultivated an interest in sacred places from an early age.



The sacred presence of the Earth can be felt on each tour.


Workshops can awaken your soul to the secrets of the Earth



My own books contain unique research and complement your tour or event.


One of the best days I've ever spent in the Burren

Language School Director Ennis, Clare

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