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Reconnect with Nature and a greater sense of self

Nature, especially at sacred sites, can bring us to a wider awareness of who we are….

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Established author guide also offers books, tree meditations, workshops, sound healing

  • Learn how to dowse earth energies
  • Immerse yourself in sound healing
  • Discover the deep meanings of Celtic Trees
  • Understand the purpose of the Knights Templar
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Enjoy our unique earth spirituality tours in Ireland and Scotland

Our journeys help reconnect you with nature, and to your essence, expanding and deepening your sense of self.

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Jackie Queally Welcomes you to EarthWise

Do you want more earth-based spirituality in your life?

Do you sense a need to reconnect with Nature? Travel with me – I have many years of experience guiding people to hidden natural sites and well-known sacred sites. I have discovered ways of working with earth energies to help ground you and help you feel more whole.


More than tours: Earth Spirituality tours

  • Learn how to dowse ley-lines
  • Practice Gaia Touch exercises
  • Listen to healing sounds
  • Find out about earth grids,
  • Learn of the secret purpose of the inner core of Knights Templar.
  • Discuss divine earth wisdom, sacred geometry, folklore and the Celtic Tree calendar…                              Offering you books, workshops and talks.

Jackie Queally, Creator of Earthwise

A well-established and respected author, spiritual dowser and guide (Jackie was the original regular external guide to Rosslyn Chapel) her insightful  tours and workshops aim to educate, and also nurture your deeper sense of self.

She creates “slow travel” such as spiritual day tours in the magical Burren in the west of Ireland where she currently lives.  The tours have led to many experiencing spiritual awakening. Available for private retreats and group spiritual tours. Private itinerary plans devised for Ireland and Scotland.

Sacred Knowledge

Her books on earth based spirituality refer to well-known and hidden sacred places, offering rare, in-depth knowledge of  ley lines, earth energies, helping your spiritual awakening.

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I cultivated an interest in sacred places from an early age.



The sacred presence of the Earth can be felt on each tour.


Workshops can awaken your soul to the secrets of the Earth



My own books contain unique research and complement your tour or event.


First read this book with your heart and then come back and read it again with your logical mindJackie captures the feel of the Burren landscape while explaining the mystical qualities of not only the Burren, but our very lives, regardless of where we may actually reside.

Using the five elements as the “main characters”, makes a complicated subject easier to understand and to appreciate. Healing, divining and seeing are all discussed and explained in a way that makes an informed reader sigh with relief and the novice to become a wide-eyed searcher. Based on historical research and inner seeing, Spirit of the Burren is both informational and inspiring.

Although, this book is not intended to be a tourist guide book, it will explain to the tourist what the subtle something they are experiencing during their visit to the Burren is all about. Even the most mystically challenged will begin to appreciate those little somethings; mood changes, shadows, life, hope.                 

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