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William Buehler Interview

Understanding Earth Changes

We are deeply connected to the Earth, and so now as She inevitably evolves,we can evolve in tandem with these subtle changes if we choose. I was very keen to interview a very humble soul William Buehler who passed away on the Celtic feast of Lammas: August 1st August 2018. He understood the nuts and bolts of how the Earth is undergoing such deep changes – changes that affect humans, regardless of their levels of awareness. His soul chose many lifetimes to assist with bringing in new cosmic energies that are anchored in the Earth. I worked daily with William for many years and regard his knowledge to be of a very high vibration. He has genuinely helped orchestrate the shift in consiousness through his many hours of conducting Reshel synergy light work since 1975. For more information you can contact Edie his partner in loving service. For talks on how the RESHEL process works, and on Metatronic ley linescontact Jackie.

William Buehler understanding earth changes

 How do you regard the Earth as a living entity right now?

The collective Planet and Race are a unified synergism: both have their own specific areas of transition or “Ascension” into the New Earth Star and New Race but there are also areas involving unified situations.  The Earth has its own etheric body already prepared for Transition but its still adding refinements.  There are right now “Golden Taya” areas that will make a direct Time Transition but there are also areas still being brought up in state and frequency… the Elemental realm including animals.
What is the optimum role for humans to adapt to take in relation to the earth changes that you intimately know are occurring?
Our main work is to concentrate on our own evolution; this opens new realms that the Planet can also interact with synergically.  A large area of mutual interest and evolution is related to Crop Formations. These install huge Programs into the World/Race Mind/Soul… the Formations on the surface are relatively simple “icons” on the Desktop (so to speak).  The Formations are placed in large grids that interact with each other, most using obvious RESHEL systems. Many connect directly with important human installations… airports as well as temples are popular.  Many people pass through air terminals so, in a notable grid, there is a 2-way interchange of importance where the telepathic terms are mutually understandable… the Reshel formats being most efficient.
Besides using the Earth Grids generated by Crop Formations there are other grids of mutual importance, natural to the Planet and Race. One example is that the Earth acts as a large brain with Europe and Middle East as forebrains divided by a meridian through Mauna Loa in Hawaii (the “Roil/Royale” pole accessing the whole Planet/Race) at the back of the “Head”, the Alta Major chakra in the human. The forebrain area split is in the Aegean (ajna chakra) and the area north of the Sea (Metatronic “Shambala Gate Chakra” in the human).  There are now three major leys connecting the forebrains, each added as the “Brain” (planet and Race) is expanding. The 2nd one installed when the Planet/Race MESSIANIC GRID (Grid of all Grids) installed during the 9-11 event. Now there are systems linking Asia, Europe, Middle East, North America (US and Canada).  As we humans are using these systems they also interact with all elementals and also at least 3 forms of “humans” existing in the Seas, with the Cetaceans. (They are now joining we land-humans in large projects also involving the oceans, et al.)
Another, ancient dynamic, called the SHAMIR has been greatly reactivated and expanded (all under Hierarchical, Master level agencies) to affect every molecule in the Planet/Race.  This system uses the GENESIS model but in a Metatronic mode beyond evil and disease. The original Hebrew alphabet glyphs code the RESHEL state and system and the words can usually be applied Metatronically.  “Adam” can be the New Race model, etc.  The Shamir is the “Serpent” related to the Action-Line: Eden… Garden with Tree of Life and Knowledge of RA and Towb… Shamir “serpent” also as the “Keeper of the Way” or Gate of the Garden… Chava (Eve) feminine dynamic (superior to the Adam formula in many ways)… to Adam.  That action-line can span or go through the Planet/Race unified field.
Will humans benefit on a soul level from increasing their awareness of the Earth changes? If so how?
Yes. As noted above, we are a synergism where the evolution of one expands the opportunities for the other.  Perhaps the best way is with Light Group work, or as individuals using enhanced power/presence systems, to use mutually constructive Light systems but to be completely free of all preconceptions, teachings, systems from the past.  Use an initial “Intention” but be completely open-ended with it so the innerplanes agencies working through you and the Planet have a free agenda not being warped by human ideas about anything.  The need for this extreme clarity is because METATRONIC dynamics are now being streamed into the Planet and Race. Our systems were keyed to low frequency ORITRONIC: half-light spectrum programs and we do not have any frame of reference capable of useful phasing with Metatronic dynamics.  So the self or group should be as mentally open and heart-centered as possible, in higher Service as physical “gates” for very high aspect streams to work through.  But be alert to the Earth Changes too, those are as radical as the humans’ and should be in free-flow.  Increase mutual awareness but don’t lock-in.  Be open-ended and use free-flow under inner planes supervision.  Processes should only last about 30 minutes and not be “guided” by mantras, toning, or other procedures that entrain participants.  A small bit of entrainment is ok at times for re-initialization or “zeroizing” for new movements in the process.  When noting Earth changes, evaluate one’s own involvement and use it as a tentative start point for open-ended deeper process and opening.

Does the earth need us at all in her current evolution process? 

Yes, in that there are elementals within us … “Pleo” or Life-cells within mammals that permit advanced systems to embody in us, thus to better interact with Earth’s expanding programs.  Our Planet has a special “Nodal” position in a larger galactic dynamic where Inner and Outer Earth humans are part of a full-dimensional spiritual environment.

Is there a two – way connection between the Earth and humanity and how can we deepen that connection? Would the best way forward be to send unconditional love to the planet? Love creates, and so as co-creators I am asking this.

The Love is Essential (of the Essence) and without that nothing useful is possible.  Simple prayers are more important that one might suppose; boost the Streaming with Love.  The Templars used this in a formula. It was engraved on a silver bust/head of a Woman. It read: “CAPUT LVIIIM.”  This decodes as “RESH (Chief Head-Stone)” in Hebrew… 58… 1000.”  58 in Hebrew is “Noach: Silence, Rest”, that is, a divine foundation of Life/Silence. And as 8-50 or “Chen” it relates to Love, Grace as a part of the Silence.  This “58” was placed in the Ajna area and the “Resh” (Reshel) in the left forebrain.  The “1000” is the divine “One” as Aleph and its Master Number or Synergism “1000.”  Aleph can convert all numbers to the 1000, Master state.  This is in the right forebrain.  Link the two with a lemniscate loop which is joined in a sacred void reprogramming field, in the 58 area.  (This is also a Shamir, serpent Ouroburos loop.)  Use both chakras in the brow: the ajna and Shambala Gate over that. This system has created an advanced creation capability which automatically embodies and comes on-line when needed, without instruction.  Users report an “85” state related to the special flow.  This system maximizes the state and effect of Love, with the Power via the Silence.  The rest is obvious.
And, or simply stream the Love as suggested. 

I understand that the shift is continuing to bring in totally new vibrational energies. By emptying the mind and entering the silence we can encounter these energies. Will the earth sense that mental activity? Would you say that may be the best service to the Earth since we are all connected?

Yes, as noted above where added process could be used with the basic Silence/Love or “58” flow.  “Best” service depends on who and what our own dharmic calling involves.  A simple or professional life style without the added mysticism will do it, if right action and moral integrity is a part of it.

What advice would you give people who want to heal the earth?

“Heal Thyself!”  Develop Green Systems where possible but shift one’s own life focus to spiritual evolution and the Planet will do fine.  It’s in good shape now with its own Etheric Body but the pollution, et al, is somewhat problematic more for us than the Planet.  Crime and other wrong action are automatically dissolving due to increasing frequencies (we don’t see Greys anymore) but in the Herxheimer Effect (dross burn off) the junk is released from the Collective so has temporary influence on the kind of people burning it off… so surges in all manners of insanity but overall there is remarkable, fast evolution now.  Don’t try to “fix” anything because most or all situations are in radical redefinition and should be released to self destruct in their own way.  Focus on self clearing and Grace Field and don’t put energy into fixing things not understood to begin with.  It only perpetuates the grief.