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Sacred Ireland Itineraries

sacred Ireland tour
Earthwise tour of Ben Bulben area Ireland

In the shadow of Ben Bulben a rowan tree leans, listening to the glistening waters

I created Sacred Ireland tours after decades of traveling to Ireland’s sacred sites, both as an Irish resident and citizen from 2008, and on countless precious previous visits. Moreover, my research as a writer and my personal network of knowledgeable friends prompted me to share my insights. Thus for instance, my understanding of an international ley-line system led me to highlight the the megalithic cairns of Sligo, the Lough Crew Cairns and the wonderful sites in the Boyne Valley.

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Thanks again for 2 wonderful days....with your guidance I feel at peace and will always remember all the sacred places you took me!!

Beryl McClelland, retired nurse and dementia expert October 21, 2019

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Thanks again for everything! We enjoyed the trip and certainly had some great laughs. Our favorite place there was the farmers land and the fairy circle in the Burren.  Hard to pick because it was all great in Ireland.

Keith California May 18, 2018

From 2023 I am ceasing to offer live tours and instead am offering tailor-made guide notes for your personal group or solo itinerary. There are many options for your itinerary so here I present a typical Sacred Sites Itinerary which would include detailed guide notes for

Dublin and the Boyne Valley sites of Sacred Ireland

If you are flying into Dublin, we can start in your Sacred Ireland tour in Dublin’s Trinity College! Admire and discuss the Book of Kells and the art forms of many other wonderful manuscripts on display of the Golden Age of the Celts. Moving onto the Boyne Valley, we pay more attention than other tours would to the unspoilt and under-excavated site of Dowth. There has been little excavation here. Thus it is more natural and accessible, and yet somehow it is far more mysterious. You will appreciate the context of the landscape by continuing your journey on foot to Newgrange from Dowth. This affords a magical walk along the Boyne. Then the journey continues onto the Hill of Tara, where the ancient high Kings were inaugurated, and where the myths of Ireland’s races still linger, and the faery realms still reign….

Jackie Queally in Lough Gur Stone Circle on Earthwise Sacred Ireland tourLough Gur a jewel in Sacred Ireland

Journeying westward your Sacred Ireland tour takes in Lough Gur, one of Ireland’s most sacred sites.  For a start, the local hill and lake are full of myths and legends. A massive stone circle stands nearby that is unusual in its construction, and difficult to date.

The Burren the spiritual essence of Sacred Ireland

We continue your Sacred Ireland tour by visiting some the hauntingly beautiful hermitages of early monks in the Burren. Early Christian sites are often very special to visit, as the early Christians were very connected to the divinity found in nature. There are also many burial cairns and tombs in the Burren, far more in terms of density that in the rest of Ireland. In Jackie’s books you may read of their significance.

legendary landscapes Clare Sacred Ireland tour

legendary cairn

Thor Ballylee

Leaving the mysterious limestone hills of the Burren behind, we come to the Burren Lowlands. Here lie hidden many poetic haunts of South Galway where Yeats used to live.
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Jackie, everyone really enjoyed your tour yesterday - so thank you so much.  All the group were delighted with where you took them. The locations were scenic and your information both interesting and entertaining. The visit to Yeats' home and your reading of some of his linked poetry were really first class.Thanks for a fabulous time in the fresh air and countryside! I highly recommend anyone seeking a unique insight into the Burren and its history to engage Jackie as their expert guide.
Once again, thank you for taking my party of Californians round the Burren Lowlands.
Vorscot Tours

May 23, 2017

County Sligo for ancient Sacred Ireland

Later we can pay our respects at Yeats” grave in Yeats Country, poignantly situated below Ben Bulben in his ancestral Sligo. There are innumerable significant sites in County Sligo aspecting the ancient and the fairy nature of the magical landscape there.

County Donegal for early Christianity

One option here is to visit the northwest region where the former prince turned monk St Columba hailed from in Donegal.

Fairy Sites

On a visit to Ireland it is possible to immerse yourself in the other-worldliness of Ireland’s natural landscapes. The so-called fairies dwell in a subtle plane, or dimension, of reality that is not the same as the human plane of reality. When you leave the cities behind it becomes obvious to many visitors that Ireland exudes a strong fairy presence.

Often people can sense a small enchanting area in the countryside where devic energies are strong. This means the creative forces of nature and the the earth are so magnetically potent they can move your heart. Devic beings carry higher vibrations than fairies. In Irish they are known as the legendary Sidhe.

Traditional music makes a large contribution to the understanding of the magical land of Ireland. Indeed, throughout the world traditional music captures the essence of the land, and without a doubt Irish music captures the hearts of many for its luminous spirit and enchanting airs. It is through music that the land is captured in its essence. Fortunately, it is easy to find places where regular Irish music sessions are held

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It was a fascinating time with you and with fairies, elves, harps, stone circles, cairns, tombs, mountains, and lots of experiences  Oh my!

Roger Colorado August 18, 2017

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