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Flowing with the Feminine Energy 2024

Date: Saturday March 30th 2024 1p.m.– 4.p.m

This is the first of a series of five BIOFIELD TUNING workshops that will take place throughout the year, following the lunar cycle. It is an experiential workshop where we lean into the feminine aspects of ourselves and of the natural world in order to become more self-aware and present.

The workshops focus on unifying our energies with those of our beloved tree realm.

For humanity, trees are arguably the most universally loved and revered plants. In fact trees can provide us with doorways into a feminine consciousness. They bridge the cosmic qualities of the earth with our own (grounded) selves. They can transmute negativities and imbue humans with a deep sense of wellbeing. Through these workshops we can evolve in tandem with our beloved trees.

Jackie creates a space in which you can deepen your receptivity to the flow of the seasons, as illustrated in her book Reconnecting with Celtic Trees. In this book she examines the way trees reflect a lunar cycle as an evolving flow of consciousness.

Using Biofield Tuning, a profound energy modality, Jackie grounds you and then opens you up to your innate natural flow of energy. She then aligns you with the inner qualities of tree archetypes ascribed to each season.  After a group tuning there will be ample time for learning, exploring and sharing your experiences and also learning how the energies flow from one to the other season on the inner feminine level.

This is a truly unique workshop combining universal inner knowledge with the ability to interpret the inter-connective biofield that we all share. Jackie chose the subject based on her experienceFlowing with the Feminine Workshop with Earthwise March 2024 of leading workshops in both fields. We live in times when “showing up” for nature is of paramount and timely importance.  When we make conscious efforts to link with the inner wisdom of the tree realm we find peace and self-love, and can start to co-create a new paradigm.