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Spiritual Sites of Scotland

Earthwise visits ancient Scotland

Sword in the stone: ancient ceremonial object and least known of sacred sites in Scotland?

It is easy to imagine embarking on spiritual travel in Scotland. There are few places on Earth that match Scotland for its invigorating landscapes and atmosphere. Why? Do you want to learn what it is that gives Scotland its own distinct flavour?

Salisbury Crags in Holyrood Park Edinburgh is one of the well known sacred sites in Scotland

Salisbury Crags is set in a legendary landscape above Edinburgh

Carving of head in Roslin Glen

Ancient carving once lay hidden under moss and is one of the lesser known sacred sites in Scotland

In this talk we hear not just about well known sacred sites in Scotland like Callanish on the Isle of Lewis, or Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh, but many lesser known ones that Jackie personally knows. In keeping with the theme of earth energies and sacred places the topic of powerful ley lines and earth grids and early history will be introduced in relation to sacred sites in Scotland. Their purpose is key to understanding the nature of sacred sites in Scotland. Part anecdotal, part informative and a whole part spiritual this talk will whet your appetite to visit or revisit Scotland in all its glory!

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