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Jackie Queally, Creator of Earthwise

A well-established and respected metaphysical author, spiritual dowser and guide Jackie was the original guide to offer tours of Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland from 1999. Since their inception she was the constant private pupil of the deeply loved and respected geomancer and mystic William Buehler. His knowledge enriched her tours known as Celtic Trails.

Moving to her ancestral Ireland in 2009 she continued insightful personal tours and  workshops  which opened up horizons for many. Now she continues to explore new ways to nurture a deeper sense of self and a connection to the subtle forces residing in nature. Sign up for the newsletter to be notified!


Connecting deeper with Earth workshop
reconnecting with yourself in the Burren
Healing Trees with Sound


I cultivated an interest in sacred places and earth spirituality from an early age. In my posts I share many insights about places and inner processes.



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I spent a full day with Jackie. She has encyclopaedic knowledge of  leylines, energy work and spirituality, all of which were important components of my research. I learned how to dowse with pendulum and rods with her, and so much about the Burren and its fascinating energetic story. I would highly recommend."

Katie Holmes Dance Performer August 19, 2021

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Jean here..thanking you again for the dowsing..it was a great day and I benefitted a lot from it! I feel clearer in myself since the reading you gave me based on the pendulum so thank you!

Jean Galway February 16, 2016

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Thank you for the lovely day yesterday, I really enjoyed it. Please keep me posted on future events.

Margaret Smyth, Ireland August 22, 2017

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I feel a momentum that keeps me grounded and optimistic despite the same state of panicking/preoccupied for the past weeks. It's a positive and still, subtle feeling

Melissa Huang, editor October 20, 2017

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All days I am thinking of this beautiful journey among nature and energetic sites, and about all you have learned us and I try to read your books.


Claude Crouse energy worker, France June 4, 2015

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Thank you for the half day Burren Lowlands tour yesterday. We enjoyed it all. You have so much knowledge and such a connection with the Burren it's wonderful!
I have visited the Burren a few times as a tourist and it's only now with you I feel I am connecting with it, I feel very grateful.

Mairead June 20, 2018

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Thanks for a really lovely day. Neighbour was very impressed when I showed her map and explained remote dowsing!

Fiona McDonagh Gort Co Galway February 4, 2015

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I've purchased many guidebooks and the largest map you've ever seen.  🙂  Your call was incredibly helpful and provided some great background to some of the places that I'm reading about in the books.

Becquel Smith March 4, 2019

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I just wanted to say again just how much I appreciate your spending time with me. It was a beautiful gift of yourself & I feel enriched for having met you.

Myra Nicks Alberta Canada September 22, 2015

guide to Rosslyn Chapel