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Jackie Queally, Creator of Earthwise

A well-established and respected metaphysical author, spiritual dowser and guide Jackie was the original guide to offer tours of Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland from 1999. Since their inception she was the constant private pupil of the deeply loved and respected geomancer and mystic William Buehler. His knowledge enriched her tours known as Celtic Trails.

Moving to her ancestral Ireland in 2009 she continued insightful personal tours and  workshops  which opened up horizons for many. Now she continues to explore new ways to nurture a deeper sense of self and a connection to the subtle forces residing in nature. Sign up for the newsletter to be notified!


Connecting deeper with Earth workshop
reconnecting with yourself in the Burren
Healing Trees with Sound


I cultivated an interest in sacred places and earth spirituality from an early age. In my posts I share many insights about places and inner processes.



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Positive comments all around.
Already asking if we can organize another for next year.
Be safe and be well!

Richard Parry Digby Nova Scotia October 25, 2016

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I really enjoyed your day in Ennistymon and I am so enjoying reading your book 'Reconnecting with Celtic Trees'.

Denise Brown mindful walk Ennistymon September 11, 2017

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You are so incredibly intuitive and dead on with everything you say about my life. I slept solidly for twelve hours even though I did not feel tired when I came to see you. I had so much energy after that. You are really good at this. Thank you so much Jackie!

Maura, high school teacher September 27, 2015

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Thank you Jackie! ... what splendid days and hours we shared ... communing with sacred places and the guardians of these lands and waters, trees and creatures ... flowers and winds
My soul is elevated and happy.
Now home I share with my community about my splendid guide who fully understood the spirit of my pilgrim vision of communing and ceremony.
In deepest gratitude to you.
Blessings and peace.

Mark Griffith, Taos, New Mexico May 8, 2022

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It was such a awesome experience with you.?

I'm so glad you found the St. John's wort at the well, and the unusual orchids the flowers and bees were amazing.

I love this photo. (Jackie was guide for small private group retreat)retreat the Burren

Linda Cooper Taylor Toronto Ontario June 28, 2016

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Really enjoyed the day. I came with no expectations and left with a huge sense of peace, being grounded, reassurance in my life and a real sense of knowing that Divine work had been carried out. As always met wonderful people who were all on their own journeys so lots of lightheartnedness throughout.
Namaste to All. I am humbled by it all…xx

Ann Loughrey August 29, 2017

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Dear Jackie Thank You. This is amazing - I will be tucking myself in with the plan and a cup of tea on Monday. Thank you so much and I am so very thrilled to have your help.

Thank you again for your help and knowledge and insights - I will keep you posted
Happy New 2019!

Frith Walker January 17, 2019

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I bought your “The Spiritual Purpose to Rosslyn: book in May and have read it. Thanks for writing it. I identified with much of the light work described, as it has been part of my activity since the late 1980s. In particular, working with the violet flame/fire/light aspect of the rays has been important to me, in Washington and elsewhere. As you know, it helps transmute the dross of which you speak in your book.

Tom Hansen, Charlottesville Virginia February 20, 2015

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Your book is beyond good-it is fabulous! I am a lawyer and not a publicist, but I feel that with a broad spectrum your book will find a lot of interest with appreciative readers who will understand its significance

Colleen Texas February 9, 2015

guide to Rosslyn Chapel