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Reconnect with Nature and a greater sense of self

Nature, especially at sacred sites, can bring us to a deeper awareness of who we are….

Explore the spiritual lands of Scotland and Ireland with an experienced healer and guide

Our journeys help reconnect you with the essence of nature, and to your deeper essence.

Far more than tours: experiences that feed your soul

  • Enjoy learning how to dowse ley-lines
  • Find out about earth grids
  • Explore subtle energies with Gaia Touch exercises
  • Experience the healing power of vibrations
  • Unify your heart more with nature through tree meditations
  • Learn of the purpose of an inner core of Knights Templar
  • Share from a wide range of interests e.g. earth wisdom, sacred geometry, folklore or the Celtic Tree calendar..

Earth Spirituality in tours, books, workshops and talks

Jackie Queally, Creator of Earthwise

A well-established and respected metaphysical author, spiritual dowser and guide Jackie was the original guide to offer tours of Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland from 1999, having been the constant private pupil of deeply loved and respected geomancer and mystic William Buehler since their inception. Moving to her ancestral Ireland in 2009 her insightful  tours and workshops  not only educate: they continue to nurture a deeper sense of self and a connection to the subtle forces residing in nature.


She offers “slow tours” such as her spiritual day tours in the magical Burren in the west of Ireland where she lives.  The tours have led to many experiencing some form of spiritual awakening.

Jackie is available for private tours or private itinerary plans devised for Ireland and Scotland.

Connecting deeper with Earth workshop
reconnecting with yourself in the Burren


I cultivated an interest in sacred places and earth spirituality from an early age.


The sacred presence of the Earth can be felt on each tour.


Workshops can awaken your soul to the secrets of the Earth


My own books contain unique research and complement your tour or event.


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I was completely blown away by your talk on Saturday, you are such a fountain of knowledge.
 I was so impressed with how well you spoke. You talked about such interesting mystical topics in such a grounded and logical way that a child could understand. I really admire that.
I know people got a lot out of it and are inspired to help with this energetic work! So it's great to keep the momentum and arrange another meet up!

Tanya Harris www.tanyaharris.co.uk Ennistymon free talk on the Earth Energies of the Burren November 28, 2016

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So nice to hear that you plan a return trip to Nova Scotia next year.  I want to formally thank you for giving such an informed and interesting talk at our Ai Ripples group earlier this month.  Those attending seemed very open to the information and quite enthralled with what you presented.

Jeanne Allen Port Williams Nova Scotia October 28, 2016

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XX Thank you so much for a very memorable trip. We learned a lot from you and I am peaked to learn more about the Culdees.
It was a fascinating time with you and with fairies, elves, harps, stone circles, cairns, tombs, mountains, and lots of experiences Oh my!

Cindy and Keith Jensen California February 3, 2015

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I'm reading your very interesting book  "The Spiritual Purpose to Rosslyn": it's creating great value also for my profession (I'm a strategic consultant for companies as well as a Business and Executive Coach.....and I strongly believe in multiple realities, quantuum physics concepts about terrestrial time, the power of the Hebrew symbols, the angelic realm and more....).
Thanks for all your knowledge and insights sharing!

Elena Italy February 9, 2015

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I read your material early this morning and was again fascinated.  I can't wait to read your books!  The itinerary was exactly what we were looking for- sacred places off the "bus route". Thank you so much for your time and care in planning our magical trip to Scotland.

Christina Anthes February 3, 2021

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It was a pleasure to meet you at the weekend at the Gatekeeper Trust conference. What a wonderful event it was. I really enjoyed your talk and felt very inspired to hear you speak about Rosslyn Chapel this evening at the Steiner Centre.

Ruth Needham National Trust worker December 16, 2015

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Our time with you was quite rich in many ways. Roger

Roger Colorado February 4, 2015

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The two places that really resonated with me were the cave from where the river emerges and hearing the gong played in the beautiful ruined church site.  Let me know when you are running the next one – I want to come!

Sheila Nicholas South Galway January 14, 2015

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Thank you Jackie Queally?? you made a major difference in my life ??

Linda Cooper Taylor The Burren retreat workshop October 25, 2016

guide to Rosslyn Chapel