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Dowser healing


I offer one-one sessions as a dowser-healer that can be done remotely. It can be done in silence or via phone call/Zoom after you tell me the problem you wish to address.


Alternatively we can share a conversation led by your thoughts to help you make the right decision in life.  as I can use my dowsing skills so we are guided by the pendulum into a correct way of thinking. This is a very exciting session and people leave feeling lighter and more at peace with their thought processes. The session is pendulum-led to demonstrate when your thinking is aligned with your intuition and not fear. The hope is that you will adopt this method for your own use going forward.

Cost €75 for at least an hour


This one day course in dowsing healing also starts with an introductory session as to how dowsing works, and then goes onto address issues appertaining to health, such as food allergies, and phobias. We incorporate some knowledge of the chakra system too. However the main part of the day is spent in active healing rather than diagnostic treatments. We call this type of dowsing “dowser healing”. It involves working with guides on the inner planes in order to heal a person or local environment or work issue. This draws on the work of Raymon Grace. It also touches on the philosophy of dowsing and shows how dowsing is the first step in opening to higher realms..

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Jean here..thanking you again for the dowsing..it was a great day and I benefitted a lot from it! I feel clearer in myself since the reading you gave me based on the pendulum so thank you!

Jean Galway February 16, 2016

Cost €75 single, less if in groupdowsing healing workshops in Ireland

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