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The first week in January I set off on one of those bright days we are getting in the west of Ireland to scramble along the coast of Conemara near my house. I had read of a woman inviting anyone to link with her at 3pm in a water prayer.

She asked us to thank water for its existence, and to send waters of the world compassion, for the state they often has to endure (thanks to our careless ways). Then to send compassion to those humans and other creatures who are enduring floods throughout the world. Luckily where I live there are no such floods, but across the country there are.


Enjoying the bountiful days of clear blues skies and cold crisp air, I set off across the shoreline heading west to Spiddal in Connemara.After scrambling over large rocks and pebbles I realised I was not going to make it to the next village within a reasonable time. I wanted to join in the water meditation at a convenient private spot.


There was no road leading down to the coast so I stumbled on. Suddenly beneath my feet I noticed the sound of trickling water. I realised I was walking over an underground stream that was leading down to the shore. Perhaps It emerged below the tideline. I love the sound of hidden waters, and continued on my way with a lighter foot. Soon I noticed a large willow tree, with bark as old as an ancient’s skin. It looked wise and wisened!






As I climbed over the last few boulders another wonder greeted me – I suddenly saw a curved stone bench placed beyond the tree in a sheltered crevice among the rocks. The privacy of the serene spot beckoned and so despite the cold air I decided to sit on it for a few minutes and link in with the Atlantic Sea. I could now with ease offer my prayer of gratitude to water, linking to the unknown collective. To my further surprise there was a stone placed on the bench, with some words painted on it in pastel colours.









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Then I understood that the water is pure love, if only we could tune into it. All we have to do is reciprocate to water, or indeed any aspect of the natural world, with love.