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Gaia Mind Sessions

How often do we hear of environmental disasters these days and feel pretty powerless to do anything about it? Hoping to focus on various aspects of the natural world I started focusing on the vital element of water and applied an internal process to the problem in order to create a solution. In other words, I have chosen to approach it from the internal landscape of prayer and breath work.

Breath Work and Intent work in tandem

I realise through my interest in Qui Gong that breath work is vital to the flow of whatever we are thinking of doing in life.Through my work in biofield tuning and also my own practice I have realised that there is a lot of power in collective intent, otherwise known as prayer.  Perhaps you too have witnessed the miraculous events and changes that come about through prayer. By prayer I am more aligned with Greg Braden’s method of prayer than the traditional sense as used in mass religion.Giving thanks for the desire expressed in the prayer helps bring it about.

The Way of Effective Prayer Work

For prayer has to be effective it has to be an active rather than a passive prayer. This means there has to be intent coupled with emotion – ie imagining how the outcome feels once the prayer has been granted.I tried an experiment in which along with some friends we chose the element of water as a subject for our group meditation. The object was to send love to water bodies, appreciating the water for its life-giving properties. Before we said our prayer I tuned the group so that they were centred and connected to the wider biofield which water inhabits. With a guided meditation on the hidden qualities of water we then entered an imaginal realm in which we merged in love with the water and imagined it pure and alive. After a while we withdrew from the exercise and shared our findings. If this exercise is done correctly there is a lot of peace.

Form Follows Thought

Although we are not physically cleaning the river or lake or sea we are sending our loving thoughts to the water and since form follows thought this means that we do have an effect on the water.

One Foot in Each World

Prayer alone seems a little too easy – it has to be coupled with action. While we aim to help bring about a brighter future for the state of the waters it is also imperative to acknowledge the current state of the world we live in. Therefore each person is asked to give to a worthy charity who works to improve water or whatever subject our session is focused on. In our first session I suggested www.water.org which effectively saves lives by providing clean water to poor communities in the world. In this way we work simultaneously in the current and the future to help bring about a switch to a new paradigm reality.

In 2024 I intend to start this practice up again and will be enlargening the group after some further test runs . This is so we are comfortable with the format and delivery style.


You are more than welcome to join the group if interested.

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