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Self-drive sacred site tours UK or Ireland

self-drive sacred sites UK Ireland

The ancient yew at Fortingall in Scotland is said to be Europe’s oldest living tree.

Plan your Self-drive sacred site tours in UK or Ireland with me. If you are considering touring sacred sites in the UK/Ireland  and would like some guidance based on your interests I am here to help. Past clients have described me as a psychic travel agent! I can create a personal itinerary for you, making your vacation easier for you. I have spent many the past 40 years visiting  sacred sites in Scotland, England and Ireland.  I’ve helped many arrange their own holiday itinerary focusing on seeing sites relevant to their interests. Everybody is unique so each itinerary differs.  ZOOM or WhatsApp me for an initial consultation, after which I will intuit and create your journey according to your interests and needs.

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I read your material early this morning and was again fascinated.  I can't wait to read your books!  The itinerary was exactly what we were looking for- sacred places off the "bus route". Thank you so much for your time and care in planning our magical trip to Scotland.

Christina Anthes February 3, 2021

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I've purchased many guidebooks and the largest map you've ever seen.  🙂  Your call was incredibly helpful and provided some great background to some of the places that I'm reading about in the books.

Becquel Smith March 4, 2019

Self-drive Sacred site tours UK or Ireland:

€60 for initial hour (or pro rata) consultation 

€50 an hour for planning and/or background notes – limit agreed upon at start.

Driver available for sacred site tours in UK or Ireland

Should you prefer to be a passenger rather than drive yourself you can follow your itinerary and I can arrange a charming driver for you who has collaborated with me since around 2002.

self drive tours ireland

One of many murals in Killaloe, County Clare

Contact Jackie with your enquiry.

Background notes

I offer an additional option of bespoke notes to accompany your tour. For instance tours can take into consideration any significant ley lines of earth energies encountered en route. Sometimes I can recommend other guides for sections of your journey to take you to specific sites. These guides act like guardians for the sites on a soul level.

Notes can include information on Metatronic” earth grids that are affecting Earth’s transition. Such knowledge cannot be found in books

Please enquire with your interests.

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Dear Jackie I have recently completed a spiritual tour of Scotland (west and north and Hebrides) in search of lineage. What I found (unexpectedly!) was a far deeper, clearly spiritual connection which I am now very keen to understand and explore more.

Your offer of a personalised self drive tour sounded like exactly the right thing.

Your (information) is amazing - I will be tucking myself in with the plan and a cup of tea on Monday. Thank you so much and I am so very thrilled to have your help.

Thank you again for your help and knowledge and insights - I will keep you posted.

Frith Walker, New Zealand January 31, 2019

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Thank you so much for your help with planning our itinerary through Ireland! I will call you in the next few weeks after I've gone through the list you compiled of destinations, because I know I'm gonna need some more help at that time.
I love your detailed focus organizational skills!

Karen R

May 23, 2017

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Hi Jackie--just wanted to let you know that I received the notes and will look over them tonight. I read a little bit already and it moved me so much almost to tears. Thanks so much. Love, Linda

Linda Kamisato US August 4, 2015

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Your tour places Scotland and information was amazing. I would like more information on the seminars you have.ª   If it is more of what I learned from you in just hours, I would still like to save money to come too. Thanks for making this a visit of a lifetime.

ª(see Gaia Experience or future webinars upon request)

Mendy Cooke USA March 14, 2015