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The Message

cultivating a spiritual relationship with the Earth

Cultivating a loving relationship with the Earth

What is your relationship with the Earth?

Do you sense, or can you even imagine, that the Earth is a living spiritual being? Would you like to experience the non-physical aspects of the Earth? Are you aware how this non-physical aspect can really nurture you? For in reality, the inner Earth and your inner self are intertwined.

I am concerned about the unnatural separation from the Earth that much of humanity is undergoing, either through choices they make or imposed by upon them by natural disasters. I believe that our species needs to renew our love and respect for the Earth. So I began Earthwise in December 2014 offering some practical ways to deepen your relationship with the Earth.

It seems to me that our state of being is rapidly changing. Until recent decades we relied on the natural world to support us in our journey on Earth.  Nature was something external to us, serving our “progress”. I recognized can criticised this prevalent attitude when I was as a student of human ecology in the 70s. Then everything started to shift and many of the traditional support systems, including those of the Earth, became unpredictable and unstable. From my studies since my 20s of the mystics I knew that these times were coming. During this current period of intense change, new systems that support life are not yet in place, so we are living with a greater degree of chaos than humanity has known for many, many years. Perhaps this disturbs you a little.

We need to reconnect to the living Earth, on many levels, step by step.

In our current paradigm though we will only thrive through recognizing the deep association we have with Nature and the Earth. The power of our collective thought is significant. Through our own consciousness, we hold the planet Earth in the balance. Yes, it is up to us to facilitate a new, more stable, phase by our inner actions as much our outer ones. We need to engage both our hearts and minds,  reconnecting with the Earth in order to create a new space of vitality and transformation for both the Earth and ourselves to grow. This way of being is also known as Christ consciousness in the western mystery tradition. It works with the divine feminine Gaia in order to co-create a new paradigm of fearlessness. These thoughts and senses ripple out to affect all sentient beings and support life.

How do we connect with the Earth?

I offer a range of experiences including private journeys to many ancient or naturally beautiful sites in the slow tourism mode, and opportunities to learn simple, effective ways to deepen your ties with living nature: to reconnect with the Earth. It is a way of working with heart and mind in unity, ever mindful of the Earth we tread on.

See my books, talks, workshops and spiritual tours. old window Scotland with Celtic Trails / Earthwise

Becoming earthwise will help you grow in many ways, and moreover it will serve the bigger picture too.

When we reconnect, we are in wonder at nature- and this greatly aids our “mindfulness”.

We empty our minds, and come into being.

If you want to learn how, I invite you to contact me to connect with Gaia, the living wise Earth.