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Spiritual Researchers

From time to time I will be interviewing spiritual researchers whose souls are changing the spiritual fabric of the Earth through their deep connection to its innermost workings.

Click on the following names for interviews:

I start with mystic William Buehler who works at the cutting edge of changes occurring to the Earth through his life-long understanding and light work practice in the Reshel, a system he devised to co-create the conditions for the Ascension process!

Listen to him live here.

I view William as working solely at the Metatronic end of the spectrum of energies, where the creational energies reside. The frequency of this realm is so high that the human condition is not touched upon.

By contrast, Marko Pogacnik is more concerned with the human condition and how they may co-exist with the planet during this period of intense transition. He also is very attuned to the Earth’s changes and is a prolific writer. His focus ranges from the Metatronic to the less high frequencies that are familiar with pain and suffering.

Both these people have touched me in their sincerity and complete dedication to their unfolding spiritual work.

I have experienced participating in William’s light work and also conducted groups myself since 2002. Meanwhile I have also participated in more recent times in Marko’s workshops in Gaia Touch (earth yoga exercises) and also in his peace work as his assistant, working at sites across the land. My experiences of working with the high Metatronic light spectrum seems to serve me well in integrating the experiences of the exercises devised by Marko (and inspired by high elementals he is attuned to).