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Sound healing the Land

This talk on sound healing the land explores how sound healing works. I discovered through experimentation and intuition that Nature responds to sound vibrations. When we use healing sounds in nature, plants and trees can heal. We too benefit as sound can raise our own consciousness in the process.  We can sense this when creating or listening to pure sounds played outside in nature. When we engage in a more conscious process of creating sound we are sound healing the land.

sound healing the land

As a group we chanted ancient Celtic chants in a deep cave and this spiritual light emerged from the cave in response to our strong intent and purity of voice.

Some of this talk is relating to personal incidents that occurred. It is a more experiential talk and would be of interest to healers and eco-therapists who may want to consider creating natural sounds in a nature setting for their clients.

I am a sound therapist and have trained in forms of sonic acupuncture, and voice and instrumental healing. I wanted to be more creative with the ways I reconnect with nature on my tours, and I realised that it was effective to use sound on my tours. So I introduce moments of sound healing the land as appropriate. For instance, I apply my tuning forks to natural objects in order to determine their core “essence vibration”. By toning the same frequency as the fork we all become more present and more connected to nature. I also explain how I work with tuning forks, drum and gong outside.

The talks covers the science and the art of sound, and mentions the nature of invisible hums, elemental responses from higher dimensions, the effects of deep chanting and more.

As I said, on my day tours of the Burren I deploys instruments for the benefit of myclients. I’ve seen that nature can shift its pattern in response to the sounds. This is a fascinating topic to explore.

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