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Celtic Trees Online Course

Celtic Trees: Ancient Model for Spiritual Growth

The Soul Purpose of Celtic Trees

Trees offer us a doorway into the hidden world of Gaia, as we can readily relate to the energies of trees. These magnificent plants bridge both the unseen forces of nature and what we see with our physical eyes. By sharing deep insights into the invisible qualities of the trees I can help you meet hidden aspects of yourselves that you often overlook. The knowledge and wisdom gained from journeying with trees will help you navigate these tough times of transition. What qualifies me to say this to you?
From my years of working in healing and also contemplating the Celtic Tree calendar (my interested ignited in1998) I developed unique perceptions of how this tree collective acts as an energetic tool for us to grow. In a gentle subtle way the trees nurture the potential of our souls to evolve. This is the feminine way of teaching, in a cyclical, flowing way.

Online Course

This year I am offering a truly magical online course that takes us energetically through the Celtic Trees, each one guiding us further into our interior worlds, letting us experience their energies in our own internal space. In the process, we encounter our blockages to growth and use the tree’s guidance to move on. Why now?

Background to the Offering

Back in 1999 I hosted an event for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where I gleaned that The Celtic Tree calendar is a perfect teaching model for those seeking to evolve. I realised I had tapped into something that is timeless. I wrote a book that is out of print called Tree Murmurs. Years later in 2015 I wrote a more detailed book on the process. I sold it at select venues in Ireland included the ancient tower home of WB Yeats in South Galway. My friend and colleague Gerry Daly bought my book Reconnecting with Celtic Trees there while visiting from his UN senior post in Bhutan. Over the years he has constantly referred to it and felt so moved by the contents he eventually made contact. He invited me to devise an online course for his U. N. co-workers, with the view to bringing them closer to Gaia. I accepted the invitation with joy as it helped me remain sane during lockdowns… I naturally included the Celtic Tree model in their programme which included heart-mind exercises, dowsing exercises, guided meditations, tuning the group’s biofield, and many other additional speakers.  The tree element of the course proved very popular with participants.

Celtic Trees online course

Each session will begin with a biofield tuning of the group in order that I can open and harmonise the flow of each to participant to new incoming ideas and energies. We will include guided meditations, sharings of experiences, and a more left-brained explanation of how it works over the course of a lunar year to help us brighten our inner selves. Watch this space and don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter so you know when it is starting- probably around Bealtaine/1st May 2024