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What is sound healing?

What is sound healing?

Sound healing can be done with a variety of instruments that emit pure acoustic sound, including the human voice. It works on many levels to induce a deep relaxed state in an individual, wherein healing can take place.

Tuning forks are a great medium with which to apply sound healing…I use tuning forks on the body to break up physical pain and then harmonize the body. I also balance the chakras and meridians using specialized formats. When using forks instead of needles on the body’s acupoints as in acupuncture, it intensifies the response and efficacy of treatment. This is known as acutonics. Over the years I have experienced in many countries sound healings that use and off-the body technique using forks in the auric field of energy. I finally discovered Biofield Tuning that works to not only detect anomalies in the human bio-field, but also bring the fractured patterns back into the body, integrating them via the chakras (energy centre) in the centre of the body. I find this a great way to bring long lasting healing to a client. It also facilitates them to become more aware of their patterns. What we are doing is shifting the patterns that no longer serve us in our bid for growth and health on this planet. However it is the addition of the gong and drum and dowsing that combine to make the session really flow well.

What is sound healing?

After toning to a tree

In nature I use forks to determine the core sound of a tree, by listening with my heart to how each sound resonates when played against the trunk. If a group of people is present we can then tone to the tree to harmonise its energy field. Often when we check with dowsing rods or pendulums afterwards we notice a huge increase in the aura of the tree! This is exactly the same principle as occurs when healing a human client with sound. Their auras will expand and balance upon treatment. On my festive walks we do toning to specific trees on site and dowse accordingly.

I find people like to see or feel visible results from toning and sound healing. Often spiritual earth energies show up in photography taken during the day. There is an interaction between the photographer and the natural object. Everything carries a vibration, and the elemental energies that abound in a natural wood will gather momentum as they respond to the vibrations that match their own. Some form of higher harmonic only visible to such beings will attract them to congregate and reveal their presence to those sensitive to their presence. Often you can feel it in your heart. I have been photographed after playing the gong and then an interesting light pattern reveals itself if a photo is taken. I think it depends on the intention too of the person(s) who are sounding the vibrations. Sometimes energies show up according to the perceiver too. I would love to investigate different locations using the same photographer to indicate how sites vary in vibrational qualities. I believe that there are many dimensions to the earth and that elemental, deep elemental, and spiritual earth beings all inter-relate in the nature realms.

gong-elemental-energyThe gong is a special instrument that contains many tones within it due to its complex vibrations. My gong is made of many precious metals hand beaten in northwest China to create a beautiful rich and multi-layered sound. It is a privilege to use it. I was delighted with a client recently sent me some photographs of the energies moving across the landscape to form patterns as I played the gong. These images do much to prove and satisfy curiosity as to what is occurring when the gong sounds in nature. Here is one of a fairy energy appearing in silver after the gong was played. I also notice that birds love to sing when I start to play the drum!

sound fairyThere are some scientific explanations of how and why sound healing works. I aim to write about this in a second blog. In the photo on the right you can see the same pink energy dome forming in the main picture of this blog.


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