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I’m pleased with the article on the earth energies in the Burren that  I wrote for Ireland’s latest magazine Otherwise. What I particular enjoy is the surprise interaction with readers I am encountering.

Jackie Queally dowser

Dowsing at Kilmacduagh Monastery

I was in my local wholefood shop when the owner told me how he resonated with my words about “becoming a benign presence” in nature so that the elementals can respond and become enlivened in your human presence.

My piece inspired him to visit a local river cave. It’s the same one I happen to take people to on my dowsing workshops (next one on Saturday 15th July in Gort South Galway). His experience of being one with nature led him to pick up rubbish he found there as he walked the river banks. This surely is perfect way to show our oneness with nature. It is an example of right action.

I was in a shop in Galway the following day and the owner happened to be a great artist and jeweller. I saw a wonderful picture on his wall and instantly recognized it as the back stone in one of the cairns at Lough Crew. He was surprised I recognised the carvings, and then related how he slept in that cairn for three nights once! He said he dreamt all night of fairy scenes that sounded wild….

There are daily conversations I am having with people in Ireland who share their intimate moments with me – moments of being one with nature. Normally there is no reason for such a topic of conversation but we all feel better after the conversation. It adds to the healing, uplifting atmosphere that helps the world grow.