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I have designed a beautiful short break in the Burren in the west of Ireland, in which you can reconnect with Nature and nourish your “earth soul” in the process. So far I have dates for a great self-catering

earthwise tours go to Kilmacduagh Round Tower at sunset with Earthwise

Ireland’s tallest round tower is at Kilmacduagh

accommodation ready. The mid-nineteenth century house is midway between the Burren Lowlands where I live and the classic Burren. It affords great access to both places so we can see a variety of sacred sites in the Burren. I am also sourcing a hotel stay for a similar break. Many drive through the wild Atlantic Way and pay no heed to the small, hidden places. Yesterday I took a delightful German woman to sites she never knew existed, despite coming here for the last 38 years on her holidays!

This theme of not knowing what exists in one’s own backyard is universal, and something I have encountered in the most lovely people constantly. The joy they experience when they discover the exotic near home is quite something to behold! One of the many activities that I will be offering is a trip to Kilmacduagh Round Tower and extensive surrounding monastic ruins. There we practice the art of dowsing. This is an ancient art that entails you using rods and pendulums to detect invisible changes in the energy of an area you are walking across. At holy sites these lines of energy are often called ley lines, and appear to have been “installed” by those who lived there at the time, particulary those who built the churches. This is because geomancy was part of life in the Middle Ages.

earthwise nature retreat

Underground rivers emerging

Whenever I take people there they find that

  • time is forgotten, and flies by on them
  • they feel more present and aware of everything that is happening within them and around them simultaneously
  • they notice far more about the environment than mere looking requires
  • afterwards they leave with a sense of having gained a skill they can repeatedly use
  • they fall in love deeper with the place
  • they are evidently on a natural high

I am aware that people can dowse things that are not healthy to give much attention to. When they do this, they end up feeling drained. So I only focus on the pure energy of the land, and not the layers of human suffering or negativity. Even so, it is wise not to dowse all day- as this is a new skill for many and uses your etheric energy in the process. It is definately an activity that opens up your possibilities in life.
Here are some of the other activities, all listed on my new page here.

Apart from the trips and activities we do daily Gaia Touch exercises that run very deep despite their meditative simplicity, and some Qi Gong to tap into the elements in ourselves, before we encounter them in nature. I do think this is the start of offering something that goes deeper than a tour, and yet is accessible to all.