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Why not tour Holy Island Lough Derg with me?This rural recluse is one that is not too far away from the Burren where I live. The journey there skirts the Slieve Aughtys mentioned in my book Spirit of the Burren.I spent a wonderful afternoon dowsing this holy island once. By this I mean divining, or dowsing, the energy lines and alignments (ley lines) on the island.The above sketch shows a preliminary investigation of the leys and other characteristics I found when dowsing the island. I found some points of intense energy.

I love the twisty roads that are reminiscent of old Ireland as they wind their way through the hills, passing ancient churches, woods and mounds. When you finally reach the shores of Lough Derg you feel you have joined the long lineage of pilgrims. Instead of joining the sightseers why not stop longer and spend some hours dowsing the island, as it is a small island you can easily walk around.

offerings at hermitage with Earthwise

typical offerings on holy stones or altars


If you’d like to learn to dowse in a magical setting where the boatman will let you take your time, then I am more than willing to accompany you and teach you how to dowse.

The island has many churches, wells, the remains of a round tower and sundial. along with some bullaun stones. Other stones were ascribed to kissing and bargaining! There is a pilgrims’s path on the island and even some unusual ecclesiastical monuments.

It is well worth a visit to this isle, set within one of the most sacred lakes in Ireland. Contact me with your date.

dowsing tour of Holy Island Lough Derg