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If I were to be blunt about it, I would say that earth healing is a figment of the imagination! I know many of my past clients on tours claimed to be healing earth sites, but deep down I sensed that the sites were already in a pure state-however as humans we are not able to access that deep sense of purity and knowing that our beloved Earth resides in. This is a Metatronic state of being. When I used to dowse ley lines in Scotland close to Rosslyn Chapel, I was verifying lines of energy that resonated at a very light high frequency that we called Metatronic, and some people could not sense these Metatronic leylines, although they could sense denser ones such as the Hartman grid that provides a basic structure on the surface of the Earth. Over the years I have learnt that the Earth at its Metatronic level only requires the recognition of a quality or energy for it to come into being. Everything is fundamentally light, and then mental energy, and then the denser layers we are more accustomed to. So Metatronic Earth requires no healing as the energies are perfect as they are.  On the denser levels I am not denying that there are plenty of areas on the surface of the earth that currently are in great distress. They are depending on a vast range of elementals and a host of other earth beings to assist it.

However, the Earth is undoubtedly able to transit any disturbances that we humans throw at her! It comes down to how we perceive our role on earth. If we feel we have a role as guardians of the earth, surely it is not enough to merely do a clean up on the surface or fight to save dying species in the plant world or animal kingdom. We have to develop our senses now beyond the ones we used to rely on for co-existence and survival.

We are entering a totally new relationship with the Earth.  Now we are at a threshold when the Earth and our own beings can co-exist through a process of co-creation. How do we do this? We rely on our inner worlds, our dreams, our growing inner voice, our ability to love without an end in sight, our willingness to connect with the Earth through our heart-minds. So as the world continues to change, we find ways of remaining courageous, developing our commitment to listen to the Earth. She will appear in many guises. It is a subject that is huge. One book I am reading now was written about 14 years ago still holds a lot of pertinence today. The Daughter of Gaia reveals how one man developed a way through the invisible realms of Gaia in order to establish a firm understanding of the new earth changes. It became more evident to me studying much of Marko Pogacnik’s material that we can best serve these earth changes by becoming more aware of the Earth as a living entity, wherever we are, in any moment. That recognition sets up a space in which the Earth can feel freer to evolve, since humans were put here to co-operate on all levels with the Earth. Will you let the experiment fail? Through developing an inner relationship with the Earth we strengthen ourselves to meet the growing challenges, and we bless the Earth who offers us abundance at every opportunity. Our loving attention is all that is required for the Earth to evolve and balance at its optimum rate. Then maybe we can remain in harmony on the Earth, having rightfully earned our place. The alternative does not have to be spelt out at this stage..Let us know what you think..