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An inspiring workshop on Airmid the goddess of all healing plants

Recently I had the good fortune to being able to last-minute attend a ceremonial retreat entitled Airmid and the Dream of Plants. It was a real treat to be safely retreated into the plant kingdom. Led by Carole Guyett from her home in East Clare Ireland, I realised that this woman was not only a skilled herbalist but also a shamanic practitioner and a “Celtic priestess”. I felt at home with her mixture of myth-sharing, plant journeying, philosophy on current changes in our lives and much more. She lives in an ancient townland dedicated to the Oak (“Derrynagittah” which she interprets as “left-handed people of the oaklands” and therefore somewhat unusual by blood!). Over time in this hidden gem of an enclosure they have installed an extensive herb labyrinth, a herb garden dedicated to the directions as in the Celtic tree calendar, a circle of Celtic trees lain out similarly, various portals to mythical Irish gods and goddesses, and more.

We spent our time indoors in an Earth temple whose walls were decorated with giant botanical sketches of plants and trees positioned according to the meaning of each the eight directions. I was seated in the NNE position in the circle, and so according to Carol’s understanding was aligned with both the overall energy management and new beginnings, being midway between the north and the northeast respectively. Time and time again I see how various cultures and belief systems use the eight directions as a compass for their work.

When we were invited to select a card I received the Star, and my “ally” plant I had chosen for the four days was the Nigella, or Love in a Mist, which also looks like a star!

The marvellous four days culminated in a heart-felt ceremony to Airmid, the goddess of all healing plants, and during the ceremony I received an overwhelming scent of sweet perfume that was not emanating from anyone standing there. Being clair-olfactory (with pretty blocked sinuses living in the wettest part of Ireland!), I can recognize when another dimensional being is present. For me, it proved that some rituals really work for the common good. Plants are evolving in their energy forms now and the planet despite outward signs to the contrary is growing in wisdom and abilities. There is a more ready connection between plants and ourselves I feel- and one of the reasons I came along was to learn how to nurture that connection since I have become more acutely aware of plants this year. The theme of the retreat was that we must be willing to take a leap to another reality, and embody something new. This I think was my personal message received too.

Airmid goddess of healing plants

Airmid soaps last much much longer than other soaps due to their creation process

After leaving the ceremony I smiled to myself remembering how my soaps come from Airmid in County Clare– Tina Robinson who makes them with her partner Kevin Lynch once gave me some of her soaps telling me how she is very fond of Airmid. I learnt now that Airmid is the healer and goddess of the plant kingdom who helps us wake up to who we are.

The myth of Airmid and her brother Miach is fascinating to hear, for it tells of betrayal by their father Dionkecht and the power of love to sustain the dream…by working with these archetypes we can heal both ourselves and our situations, paving the way for a healthier new life-sustaining pattern.

Coincidences may mark guidance of Airmid

Since coming home I have been preparing for my workshop tour of Nova Scotia, in particular working on my Celtic Tree workshops. In a similar light to Airmid’s message, I hope to encourage people to recreate a new cycle of trees that are based on their native trees, using new archetypes relevant for our era if need be. The Celtic Tree year is a reflection of the evolution of a soul, and is very beautiful to behold. While preparing, a lot of coincidences have been occurring. For instance, I sent a text to someone I wanted to send my love to, and I had been sitting in a still space while doing so. Instead the text went to a total stranger who rang back and said she had read all my books and wanted to meet me. She had built a stone circle on her land with special crystals lying beneath each stone, according to her understanding of the lunar tree calendar! After completing it many paranormal (I would say “spiritual” in this context) lights appeared at night over the circle, performing a whole light spectacle!

Airmid goddess of healing plants

I enjoyed fashioning the Queen of the Woodland fairies out of local clay on the walk!

Similar to this I had participated in a mindful forest walk and despite this being a logical moment to “network”, I felt unable to articulate what my work was about. I felt that my work was at a level that somehow felt inappropriate to share at that moment. When I got home I notice that at the same moment, a warm introductory email had arrived from an artistic sensitive woman in Nova Scotia who has not met me, saying “Thank you for your wonderful work!” It is as though each time the path changes unexpectedly I am wise not to resist it, but accept that I am being supported and loved and directed to new liaisons. In fact this summer has been full of new liaisons including an open invitation to write my next two books in France this winter! I hope to write a book on why it is vital now to reconnect to nature with anecdotes on how the healing can manifest and how to approach nature. I also have a book in me now on how the Celtic trees were a whole wisdom school that taught us the inner evolutionary journey we are on. It continues to do so but needs revisiting and upgrading in my view.

Stellar near her home

Finally I have the idea of creating a mystery school in the most informal of fashions-of running retreats with my new friend and sacred songstress Stellar Fairbairn who with grace and a pure heart does sacred toning at sacred sites, and others. It would be to address those who want to wake up and with the help of nature and earth energies can explore other dimensions to life without falling into the spell of religions or other dogma. (I strive to work with the Christ energy outside of religious structures.)


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Blessings from Ireland, the land of beautiful sunsets.