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Oak meditation

“Brian Boru” oak in East Clare

The oak meditation I composed for this month of the Oak came a surprise to me as a few days before actually writing and recording it I received a download of it essence energetically. By this I mean I was in silent meditation and the whole being of the tree entered me without my focussing on it. I was able to sense its qualities exactly as the past teachers and writers on the Ogham have described when I referred to some reference books and notes I have.

Since I had not even looked at them I took this as a sign that the process of committing to each tree according as their month arises had started to work on me at the soul level. I am delighted as when I introduce workshops I will have the solid experiences such as this one to draw on, and this authenticity helps others to really understand the cycle as I perceive it – as a model for the evolution of the soul. I am in many ways upgrading the old cycle due to the earth changes taking place that require such an approach.

The tree opposite has a girth of and a height of exactly 18.60 m. It stands on the edge of the Raheen estate near Tuamgraney and is incredible to visit!


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This meditation will form part of the Heather series in due course and will be available on the online shop here, where the Gorse series is already on sale.