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My tree meditations for the Celtic Tree continue with the Heather. The group of trees that support the Heather Season in the Ogham Calendar are very positive ones with powerful intuitive qualities too. The heather is primarily connected to the dreamtime and so can soften the edge of so many powerful trees in this cluster, without detracting from the purpose or diminishing the source.  CLICK HERE to listen to my meditations on each tree, the season and even a Lughnasa meditation since Lughnasa occurs in this season. Each meditation generally includes guided visualisations, breathing exercises, explanations and affirmations. I find the cycle of the year really does follow these tree archetypes! Moreover having completed just over half the Celtic year in the series now I am already sensing a deeper soulful connection to the trees, to the seasons, to the ancestors and to my soul purpose, for the OGHAM cycle of trees really does support your inner journey and awaken you to your soul purpose. There is more and more for me to do with this cycle, including workshops, and healing meditational work. I invite you contact me if you would like a  Celtic tree workshop for your group. I now have interest from the Elders in Canada!