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Can we have tree conversations? Last year I published my book Reconnecting with Trees. After that I incorporated various techniques I describe in the book into my work, connecting with trees on walks and workshops in various locations. Sometimes people experienced something akin to tree conversations with their chosen tree.

Tuning In

Since then I have been concentrating more on how vibrations can heal humans. I trained in Biofield Tuning a cutting edge well-researched therapy. I wondered from the start about how the methods used on humans could be applied to all sentient beings, especially trees. When I asked the founder Eileen McCusick she agreed this is possible. For instance, woodland photographs revealed amazing responses from the nature kingdom to my playing sound. This included striking a set of tuning forks against a tree trunk in order to sense the vibrations within. I felt humbled by the discovery.

My work then reached a temporary impasse with the trees until I heard from Elyse Pomeranz at the start of the year. She seems a kindred spirit and even shares some of my background, such as warm memory of being in Japan. In addition to being a Steiner teacher trainer in the Toronto area, Elyse has been working in a specific way with trees for the last seven years. She calls her method The Tree Conversations.

Ttree conversations with Elyse Pomeranzhe Tree Conversations

Using an acute listening process she sits with a tree and invites the tree to direct her in choosing colours and forms. With these she creates unique tree drawings. She has done this on a one-to-one basis with over 500 trees in 10 countries. She also leads small workshops. Although each participant creates a unique drawing, there is almost always something in common between the drawings. Collectively they expresses something of the essence/personality/spirit of the tree.Tree Conversations 1

Listening with our Hearts

Elyse explained how her process involves a preparation in listening before the art can unfurl.  She begins by asking permission of the tree to enter into conversation. Then she encourages us to intentionally connect our heart to both the inner earth and the external cosmos.

I can identify with that because when I play the gong in nature, I find it forces people out of their minds, into the current moment. Then we become more present and heart-centred. Invariably we feel more expansive and connected to nature. When gathering our focus to our heart space, we can feel an instant connection with the tree’s inner qualities. Many tree conversationsWhether by sound or guided meditations, we are aiming at creating a space in which connections can be created.

Tree Conversations require an initial silence

With Elyse, in her tree conversations there is a point when imagination moves from a still point. We are taken into a special quality of listening and perception. Her process of art is more ‘real’ as a consequence. This contrasts significantly to how we create a picture of something we desire from our ego.  According to Elyse, she is facilitating others to flex their imagination muscles. They learn to develop a new organ of imagination within their inner selves.

In my own experience, one can “move the silence” and connect with other realms or dimensions in a very powerful manner. I have witnessed this instant process in small, dedicated groups engaged in “synergy light work”. We first find that still point and then with intent see what happens.

Sound Perception vs Imagination

I feel we are not privy to all the vibrations that we hear when we strike a gong or tuning fork. The sentient world of nature is far more aware and able to sense a wider range we erroneously call “silence’! In other words, sound is received on a sliding scale of perception.

tree conversations with EarthwiseElyse emphasizes that the work of our imagination does not perceive with our normal senses of touch, taste, sight, sound and smell.. The work of Tree Conversations engages the non-sensory, imaginative exchange between the human and the tree. The resulting drawings bridge the tree’s indications with our sensory world.


In the following audio interview you can hear more about the philosophy of Elyse’s unique approach to the tree kingdom and why she feels it is important to do this work…


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