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Enjoy the following interview taken in the Spring of 2021, with more to follow hopefully with other groups!

  • How do you perceive the planet Earth to be shifting and how are you accommodating that as an organization in your approach to your work?

The separation from nature, our land and from each other is being healed and transformed, as we are being shown what is truly important to sustain life on the planet alongside other sentient beings.  Gaia is reminding us we are part of nature.

Awakening to Gaia Awareness

There is a sense that on one level the earth is ailing as a result of the technological developments of humanity, and the way of life we have slipped into as a result of those developments. At the same time there is emerging a subtle sense of expectancy in the earth, as if Gaia herself senses the ‘awakening’ of humanity – a return to a sense of communion with and awareness of, the sacredness and ‘presence’ of Life. When Nature senses that awareness in us and our healing and loving intent, she responds in delightful subtle ways that increase the whole loving and joyful experience.

Gatekeeper seems to have a special role to play in this awakening because she is what could be termed a broad church, with a holistic approach and without a particular religious dogma. She is open to the wisdom of all and senses that there is a Wisdom beyond and behind, which infuses and ‘holds’ everything. Gatekeeper focusses on personal and planetary healing through pilgrimage – here pilgrimage meaning walking with a sense of the sacred and aliveness of things and being open to listening, seeing and receiving – naturally responding with love, delight and perhaps a sense of questing. This re-ignites the sense of life as a journey too. We have an interest in exploring all the treasures of the past, of nature and the great mysteries of Life.

The Benefits of Lockdown

The Gatekeeper Trust is aware of the need to support its members during this time of transformation, and to encourage them to both connect with, and learn from, their own land and spirit of place. Events have slowed us down and kept us home – it is a wonderful opportunity to build that deeper relationship with our own sacred spaces, be they rural or urban. This commune with Gaia holistically heals both people and place and allows us to become better gatekeepers and guardians of our locale and environment.

This time of pause has created for many the time and space to investigate both the individual and the collective, both the need for reflective inner work and the need for community networks.   All this runs alongside our need for connection to Mother Earth. The Gatekeeper Trust provides such a framework by facilitating ways of being in the land and connecting to others.

At our online conference, trustees and elders took the audience into their own landscapes, walking in their shoes, seeing through their eyes, telling their stories.

Services for Members

Members have also been encouraged to distance connect – through intuition and imagination – on a monthly basis to a focused point on the British Zodiac to turn it like a Wheel of Life or chakra as part of a regular moon meditation.

Over the last year, The Trust has been supporting local contacts both in the UK and abroad to establish their own groups with shared resources and exchange of skills. More experienced leaders are giving new groups confidence and encouragement.

The Gatekeeper Trust is developing its website as educational tool and resource offering many healing ways of researching and connecting with the land –  through reports of pilgrimages, research into landscape temples and landscape zodiacs, myths, and the arts in the landscape, including poetry, mandalas, song and dance.

  • What are the areas of Gaia that are calling you to work with her now?

 We are being called to be indigenous to our own land, to remember what it is to be natives of Albion, the Blessed Isles. Rather than looking elsewhere for the sacred, we are finding it wherever we are. Each day is an opportunity to align with the subtle worlds of our local landscape angels, and the elementals.

Since the 1980s Gatekeeper’s events and pilgrimages have been exploring the landscape temples and landscape zodiacs and sacred places within Britain, Scotland and Ireland – looking at their myths and legends, including what we call the Grail landscape temple from the north of Scotland to the south of France.      

A rallying call for Care and Collaboration

Every area of Gaia is asking for respect and love and is calling individuals to enter into a deeper relationship with her. Some will be drawn to rivers, as the floods ebb and flow, and we are having to learn how to be adaptable, resilient and to navigate change. Others will connect more deeply to the earth as their anchor, and others will gain guidance from the cosmos and find star maps on the land.  Research into earth structures, land temples and, energy lines can be undertaken using maps or new technology. It is not always necessary to be on the land to learn more about it.   This is a time of  preparation for when we are free of restrictions. The insights gained now will give us deeper understanding and allow us to be worthy custodians of the land.

  • What are the most positive things you are looking forward to in your future work together and also in the world at large?

 We look forward to a more caring, collaborative society with a sense of service to all, which has a sense of ‘friendship’ or ‘kinship’ with all life at its heart: a society that has a deeper, more respectful guardianship of the Earth.

The Future is an Adventure in Waiting

We look forward to a growing sense of nurturing the sacred aliveness of all things and all people by encouraging sensitive awareness, wonder and delight, and fostering the notion of life as a meaningful and wonderful journey.  Join us on an adventure in which we are responsible for and to the natural world, including the elemental worlds. All this, naturally, leads to much creativity and flourishing of society in harmony, beauty and balance with nature.

We look forward to the time when making a relationship to the spiritual presence of the land, is instinctive and second nature to everyone! We call this spiritual presence the Gatekeeper!